Nanana, Sidonia, and Mekaku 7


Nanana’s Buried Treasure 7 is really one scene with domestic bliss filler as the bread to the sandwich. It’s also pretty good. Juugo is wallowing in self-pity because things with Yukihime have gotten so lousy that they’re betraying each other, though they are supposedly on separate sides. So he calls her out for a confrontation. Basically we get a lot of Yukihime beating the snot out of Juugo, Juugo using a treasure to chain up Yukihime, then some talk, and a truce, and then Juugo gets beaten up some more. And we basically learn that Juugo’s looked up to Yukihime all his life, while Yukihime thought they’d run Matsuri together, then one let the other down, and vice versa, down a stairway of betrayal and further disappointment. It was a good scene, but long, and I was thinking throughout that there ought to be more scenes between possible future lovers where they beat each other up. Also, Juugo’s turning into quite a decent character. You can never quite figure out what he’s up to. But that’s true for just about everyone in the cast. … One other thing: if the show’s going to have characters watching other shows, they shouldn’t choose one like Star Driver that is animated far better.


Knights of Sidonia 7 went pretty much as expected. Kunato deliberately screwed up the mission and made Nagate take the blame, well, partly. Nagate was too busy trying to figure out what went wrong when he got hit by that gauna tail, and this time it was Shizuka breaking rank and doing the suicidal rescue. That’s three of those now … I’m counting Nagate’s rescue of Shizuka as one of them; even though it didn’t end up suicidal, the act was to begin with. But once again you have to question the resolve of the pilots if they’re going to go apeshit in battle so easily. I could also question why Sidonia would put lovers in the same squad; even though Nagate and Shizuka weren’t (yet), those two kids in that squad that got wiped out were.


While Nagate isn’t trying to figure out what happened, getting hit by civilian rocks, and generally being miserable, Sidonia does a few other things, like promoting Yuhata to the guy who issues the orders that the boss mutters, and blowing up a planet. And we close with images of gauna that look like frames and have Shizuka’s number on them. They look like Evas to me, but I’m not a mecha guy. Now the question becomes, why didn’t other feeding gauna wind up like that? Does each gauna meal add just a bit of information to their organic mass mind (I mean, they have to communicate, right?), so it takes time to get the whole picture, or are they mutating? Who knows. But it looks like some frame-on-frame battling next week.


Mekaku City Actors 7 does me no favors by revealing that every member of that weird group knew each other in some way before they met up again. At Ayano’s gravesite, Ene is shocked to learn that Ayano was the girl Shintarou liked, Kibo is shocked to learn that she visited Takane’s game exhibit, Momo is shocked learn that Shintarou has a friend, such as he is. And there was that brothers and sisters business which really isn’t. Now I have to keep track of everyone’s relationship, and the fact that Ene doesn’t want Shintarou to know who she was. Maybe I’ll ask that teacher to write out a diagram. Weirdest of all is Haruka, who is Konoha, wait, he rejected that form, so he’s apparently Kano, or maybe he was just donning that guise to get a rise out of Ene. Rather a nasty trick. Meanwhile, Ayano is about the only one who hasn’t reappeared in some other form, and I’d be grateful for that except she means so much to everyone.

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