M3 6, Wixoss 9, Ping Pong and Nanana 8

This part was kind of fun.  Jilted from beyond the grave!
This part was kind of fun. Jilted from beyond the grave!

Let’s see … in M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane 6, Emiru gets turned into that dark crystal stuff, and that night a corpse, not an admonition, comes out to do the week’s mayhem. Emiru isn’t all dead because Minashi and Heito can hear her voice, well, when the corpse shows up, they all can, but then she IS dead right about the time that Akashi, in the Reaper, gets pissed off because Sasame is in danger. So did the corpse fly off because Emiru was dead, or because Akashi went into some higher state of angst and confusion? And do I really care, either way? Sorry, I don’t have any special feelings for any of the characters in this show, and it’s six episodes in. Not even Emiru, who might actually be dead now. Each one of them has a character trait or another that annoys me, except maybe for the experienced pilot girl who never gets to do anything, and you’ll notice that I’m not using her name, because I’ve forgotten it. Same with that guy she’s teamed up with.

In Selector Infected WIXOSS 9, we have Ruuko feeling sad because both her friends Yuzuki and Hitoe have deserted her. Suddenly, they’re both back! She ought to be happy, right?

Not necessarily.
Not necessarily.

The situation is entirely messed up, and not in a good way. Selectors who succeed become Lrigs, and if they succeed again, they get the wish–the other selector’s wish, not hers. So, Hanayo was once a girl who had a wish of her own. I wonder what it was. I will bet you that it had nothing to do with banging her brother. On the other hand, Kazuki isn’t Hanayo’s brother, so maybe the setup is doing her a favor. She get to get a cute boy as her wish. She just has to put up with the fact that she’s in Yuzuki’s body and everyone in the world, including Yuzuki and Kazuki, calls this incest, and she will be ostracized for it. So, really, the setup isn’t doing either of the girls any favors.

I thinking it's sinking in that it's HER wish, now.
I thinking it’s sinking in that it’s HER wish, now.

The episode is called “The Cruel Truth,” but it feels more inane than cruel. Why on earth is Hitoe getting a second chance at this? And is it beyond the games’ ability to match lrigs and selectors? At least that would make the Yuzuki/Hanayo situation more understandable. But Hitoe doesn’t recognize Ruuko anymore, not even getting jolts of pain when she’s around. What changed about her when she got the new lrig, which she shouldn’t be getting in the first place? Also, what does this all this mean concerning Tama? Was she a special-needs child who found she was good at the game? Did she have a wish? Was she capable of making one? And if not, was that the reason why she got paired with the wish-less Ruuko? That would mean that the pairings are indeed made by some kind of design, so maybe the game creators decided to have a good laugh at Yuzuki’s expense.

Ping Pong 8 begins the championship qualifiers, and looks into how everyone who has a shot, but devotes most of its time to Kong and Peco, who play in round 2.


That might not be the best picture to use there, because we’re not really sure what Peco’s upset about. When the match with Kong comes he’s full of energy and confidence. He won’t play Tsukimoto until the finals, and he must know he’ll get to him eventually. Maybe he’s worried about that Kaio guy who’s after Kazama’s girl (and may well get him, since she pretty much walked out on him to start the episode off). Well, whatever. There’s still Kazama that someone’s got to beat, and a Peco/Kazama match actually interests me more than Tsukimoto/Kazama, and that one interests me plenty.


I don’t know if you can all Tsukimoto the main character; maybe the show’s going to pull away from him for a while. All he does this time is win his first couple matches and hover around, bored, as the episode’s real drama plays out. Even Peco’s beating Kong doesn’t really seem to interest him on the surface, though we get a “The Hero Returns” sequence when he sees Peco play. Whatever Tsukimoto thinks of Peco’s resurrection, he isn’t going to show it on his face. The real story is Kong’s defeat, and, if the visuals mean anything, his ultimate return to China. I hope not. I like the character a lot and would like to see him work more with his Japanese team. But in the meantime, we have more games to pay attention to next week! And only three episodes to do it in!

This guy shows up and the episode goes to hell.
This guy shows up and the episode goes to hell.

As for Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin 8, whatever things anyone had going come to a complete stop when they introduce Hiiyo, one of the founding members of the Adventure Club and its acknowledged biggest asshole. Everyone he meets grits their teeth, hides behind other people, or takes a swing at him. It’s not surprising, since the first thing he does when he meets someone is insult them or something they love. It’s rather surprising he’s there to begin with. The episode began with two other characters being introduced, or reintroduced: Yun, or Saki, the cute little thing from Juugo’s delivery mission, and some guy, and I figured we’d spend our time with them. Instead, Hiiyo shows up and pisses everyone off for no apparent reason, including me.

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