Sidonia 8, Captain Earth 9

Knights of Sidonia 8 has another thrilling battle, followed by backstory with overtones of silliness.


I say silliness because it’s hard to take anything Lala does seriously, as sympathetic a character as she is, since she’s a bear. In the back of my mind I wonder why she chose that form, if she was the one to choose it. Maybe she was cloned that way. It’s safe to assume she’s one of those immortal clones, since she doesn’t age, but why a bear, and why only her? Since she’s covered in fur she can’t photosynthesize like the others, so does she have to eat a lot like Nagate does? Being a bear, she must eat quite a bit, though I don’t remember ever seeing her actually eating. Here I am, well into my post, and I can’t stop speculating about the bear character.


So, back to the episode. They’re drawing a comparison to the Shizuka form we saw in battle, that specimen that Nagate collected, and the flashbacks to Nagate in his first stages of life, dangling to a similar blood-red life-tube, but I can’t figure out the connection. I’ll just say that the gauna taking on Shizuka’s form and voice was chilling, and I can’t blame Kunato for freaking out. I also agreed with Nagate’s first reaction–fury, and his later one, when he calls out to “Shizuka,” knowing she’s actually a fake. Meanwhile the battle rages, different teams taking on each of the three Shizuka/gaunas, Yuhata settling in back on sidonia as mission leader, doing a pretty good job of barking out orders and overcoming her rookie anxieties. Questions about the gaunas’ new tricks have to wait as we wonder who’s going to get offed next.


Then it’s flashback time. The show doesn’t make it easy for us to understand what’s going on, but watching it through Lala helps. The business with that traitor immortal was nearly incomprehensible, but we could see the connections between Lala and Hiroki, and thus to his clone, our Nagate. And while I don’t fully understand why Hiroki rebelled as he did, apart from wanting to rescue his son from whatever they were going to do to it, we can understand why Lala all of a sudden snapped and helped him escape. Well, the social and historical aspects of Sidonia might be a tad hard to understand, but they’re telling the human and bear stories well. Next week we’ll get a better look at that sample Nagate brought back, looking more like Shizuka every minute, and saying the oddest things …


Meanwhile, Captain Earth, the other giant robot show that doesn’t involve perverts or penguins, has sadly fallen into a “new bad guy of the week” routine as the enemies find another Designer Child, an idol named Ai, I believe. Like last week’s find, she is unhappy with things until she is woken up and then becomes the evil person she was before. I keep thinking they’re setting up something about the dual personalities but it hasn’t happened yet. Meanwhile the actual story revolves around kidnapping Akari and having her take some defense satellites offline, which she does, since they’re literally holding a gun to her head. The only one fooled by her actions are the bad guys; we’re just waiting for her to turn the tables, which she does, and sadly, it doesn’t involve anything blowing up. What good’s a magical girl if she can’t blow anything up? Akari’s a lot of fun. She deserved to have some of it in her own episode.


2 thoughts on “Sidonia 8, Captain Earth 9

  1. it’s hard to take anything Lala does seriously

    Haha every time I see her I’m thinking “they’d better give a damn good reason why she’s a bear”. It’s so random, and I just can’t really see the point so far…

    • I don’t mind the character at all. She has a long history on Sidonia and is clearly a sympathetic character. I also like the image of her being a “mama bear” to the trainees. However, a character that looks like she stepped out of a fairy tale, living in gritty spacecraft, is so incongruous that I get distracted.

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