Kanojo Flag and Mahouka 9, Mekaku 8

Souta's harem continues to grow.
Souta’s harem continues to grow.

Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara 9 continues mixing the inane harem group with harem-leader Souta’s premonition and fears of death and now adds more palace intrigue. Souta and the princesses (Hakua now an accepted member of the harem) arrive safely in Bladefield where they meet the crown prince, soon to be king, Elia, who actually ordered, or at least didn’t disapprove, of the assassination attempt, even though, as he reveals to the press, that those sisters of his are actually his daughters and therefore the actual heirs to the throne, after him. That’s going to piss off princesses 1-12. Oh, and the king’s dead. And the masked woman who actually carried out the attempt, Number Zero, is Souta’s sister, which doesn’t mean she can’t join the harem, but she’s waiting for him to make the decision to sacrifice his life like in the legends about the boy becoming a flag. It’s all nutty, but it leads to some bad moments for Souta, who can’t shake off that death flag but doesn’t want to die, even though a lot of people want him to, otherwise he’s a coward. This bit worked rather well, actually, but it was a little too dark for such a silly series, too much of a jolt.

So does Tatsuya's.
So does Tatsuya’s.

In Mahouka 9, Tatsuya and Miyuka go to the magic lab where everyone immediately tells Tatsuya how great he is. After showing off some practical flying magic, they think he’s even more wonderful. They think he’s great at the school, too, well, some of them, where he’s appointed an engineer for the upcoming tournament, which, we still haven’t gotten to. Then there’s a scene between Tatsuya and some classmates which gets closer to the truth of Mizuki’s seeing ability, also some dull talk about some magic the other guy was using, and by the way, Tatsuya is great, isn’t he? Oh, there was an earlier scene where Tatsuya sees his dad, and the butler, who is about the only character who doesn’t think he’s wonderful. That was refreshing. Onto the bus we go, where Tatsuya is told he’s wonderful because he waited for someone to show up. In the bus they talk about how wonderful he is, but part of that was to keep Miyuki from turning into popsicles. And at the end a burning car is about to hit their bus, so next week Tatsuya will have a chance to save everyone and they’ll tell him how wonderful he is.

Everyone's death should be portrayed so beautifully.
Everyone’s death should be portrayed so beautifully.

With Mekaku City Actors 8 we learn more about how these messed-up kids got that way. Evidently they were all about to die, or maybe just died, when they got swallowed by that snake, or something, and came out of it again, alive, confused, and unhappy. Also, they were all with people who may or may not have died; the show is vague on that. We know Kido’s sister did because we get an imaginative retelling of that fire to start the episode. And through her explanation we learn about Seto and Kano. As for Shintarou, I’m assuming that Ayano was his death-buddy. But with Hibiya we got both that kidnapping business and the thing with Hiyori, the cat, and the truck. The big problem is that none of the characters really know what’s going on, and much of what they say is based on speculation. Thinking about it, that adds poignancy to their stories, and a bond between them that’s becoming clearer every episode. Meanwhile, the fairy tale monster at the end is temporarily happy living in her invented universe. It won’t last, but it draws some tenuous connections to the world the kids are in. So, more intriguing stuff here, but the episode was mostly dull talk.

2 thoughts on “Kanojo Flag and Mahouka 9, Mekaku 8

    1. Heh! Thanks!

      In the ___gatari series the creators took great pleasure in the weird, looping conversations. The talk in MCA isn’t really bad, compared to, say, that wonderful series currently running; it’s just normal talk, and there’s too much of it.

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