Nanana 9, Mahouka and Captain Earth 10


Very little happened on the surface of Nanana’s Buried Treasure 9, at least not until the end, and Nanana’s sudden disappearance from the room doesn’t feel like a departure, but a red herring. The rest of it was basically Hiiyo being nasty to everyone he meets, and the rest of the group banding together to deal with him. We also have the mystery of what Saki was doing with Hiiyo, why she vanished, and why she doesn’t remember him now. Even Hiiyo, who seems to have the power to make her forget, is taken aback by that last question. It’s complicated by the fact that Hiiyo’s good at being sneaky and they don’t want him finding out her whereabouts. As for me, I think Hiiyo is an unpleasant character who should be gotten rid of, and that will take the final episodes, so we’ll won’t have time to get to the other mysteries.

It's not as much fun when they're wearing clothes.
It’s not as much fun when they’re wearing clothes.

I had predicted last week that in Mahouka 10, Tatsuya would stop the burning car and everyone would sing his praises. Instead, he cancels out his fellow students’ panicked defense spells so that the smart people like his sister, and Leo, could take care of the problem, and no one knows he did it (I’ll say in Tatsuya’s defense that he doesn’t go seeking all the praise he gets), except his gifted sister, of course. And of course the car accident was intentional, a suicide attack from some unnamed terrorist, probably after magic secrets that the top-tier magicians are more entitled to. After the class prez scolds the students who were only trying to help, we get Hattori and his crisis in confidence because a girl younger than him is better at magic, and Miyuki scolding her teacher for her attire. Then there’s a pre-festival banquet where we discover people not on the team acting as servants to those who are, where all the schools are invited but no one mingles, though the next bad guy develops an interest in Miyuki. One of those students, Mikihiko, lost his powers, and later, when he spots intruders, has Tatsuya (who else?) rescue him. And, besides an onsen scene where the woman wear clothes, an old guy gives an odd speech.

Teppei goes psychedelic.
Teppei goes psychedelic.

It’s not that Captain Earth is going nowhere. Every week the villains get one more member, and along with defeating the latest threat we get a little story about our heroes. Last week it was Akari, in episode 10 it’s Teppei. He’s been going on about not being useful to the team for a couple of episodes now, completely ignoring the early episodes where he was extremely useful, fundamental, I’d say. To hear him moan about it has gotten tedious. Sadly, the episode where he finally gets to do something is so unimaginative that I don’t see why they bothered. Daichi fails to catch the latest bad girl in the allotted time, so Teppei, in a ridiculously long sequence, begs to be sent out, and when he finally gets permission, we get the ridiculously long mecha-arming sequence. The fight is predictable and hardly worth mentioning. There’s an interesting point about Daichi failing to do his job (he did his best) and the merits of teamwork, but that’s about it.

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