Captain Earth and Kanoko Flag 11, M3 9

A universal side character lament.
A universal side character lament.

Good news: Captain Earth 11 almost breaks out of the “wake up a new villain every week” rut they’d dug for themselves. The bad news is that they didn’t. We met the new one last week, Setsuna, and two of the Midsummer force strike up a conversation with her while lounging about the pool. She’s happy and well-adjusted in spite of her homeschool situation, and she has her own squirrel-thing, which I’m sure will become important later as a connection to Hana. Not only that, but they don’t get to her. Oh, we get the usual confrontation and gun battle, but she’d already run away by then. Turns out Mao was raising her for her own selfish reasons, which is itself interesting, because she seemed to actually love and care for the kid. For this reason, and for making Setsuna a plot wild-card later, this is a better than average episode. Though next week it looks like we’re going right back to the old routine, only with pro wrestlers. Oh, god …

Nanami doing what she does best.
Nanami at her best.

Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara 11 was an enjoyable episode up to the very end, when Number Zero came in to put a damper on things again. She let Souta (and us) know that they were all living in a virtual world, at least partially ripped off from The Matrix, judging from those number pillars, that Souta has come to his full powers that he got from that mysterious girl named Sacrament, natch, and that some man or machine named Angelus Gemini has gone nuts and is trying to take it over or destroy it, so naturally Souta can’t stay where he is any longer, right? So off he goes, sans girls, even though I thought they’re supposed to be his quest support staff. Instead, only Nanami remembers him. The earlier scenes were much more fun. Some of it was actually funny, and Nanami again proves why she’s the only girl in the series that matters, fanboying to an idol one moment and tossing grouchy asides at Souta the next.


M3 9 gives us the true, abhorrent truth behind the Reaper, that Aoshi, Akashi’s dead brother, is not dead and is physically inside it, right behind Akashi when he sits in it. True, he’s in sort of a monstrous state now, but not dead. The truth isn’t really that surprising to us watching, and we’ve all seen equally monstrous things in mecha anime, so I don’t think it had the effect the show intended. Also, I was distracted by the fact that Aoshi has nicely-cropped hair. I mean, wouldn’t it have grown out, or do they take him/it out for a trim every month? Maybe it’s more sinister that they’re using this fact to get Akashi back in the Reaper to retrieve Heito and, well, who do you think’s also in Sable, besides Heito? Why does Akashi agree? Because the world is at stake? Because he’ll be close to his brother? Based on what he used think about Aoshi, Akashi’s reasons are unclear.

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