Quick ones on Dandy and Hanayamata

First off, I didn’t write about Aldnoah Zero 3 but it was a fun episode. It’s always fun when the good guys start bashing on the bad guys after two episodes of abuse. Anyway …

The show gets bonus points for Hana's weird faces.
The show gets bonus points for Hana’s weird faces.

Hanayamata 3 has the show falling into the usual routine. They can’t do club activities when they’re not a club. And to get a club they have to recuit new members, you’ve heard it all before. This particular SC present is a particulary nasty one, too. And we meet the student’s future advisor, who, this being her first episode, refuses. Other than that we get an infodump from the scary yosakoi store owner, who, to no one’s surprise, is a pussycat. What a coincidence, there’s a yosakoi festival coming in a few months! Other than that, Yaya and Hana bond a little, or rather, Yaya sees a glimmer of what her friend sees in this weirdo. As for Hana, as cute as she is, I think having her dialed to 11 in every scene might be wearing me down as much as she did Yaya. But hopefully when the show starts rounding up the stray characters the show will shift its focus.

One of about 1500 art styles they throw at us.
One of about 1500 art styles they throw at us.

Space Dandy 2 was such a mess that I can’t bring myself to write about it. Episode 3 was a little better in that the story was more coherent and decently silly. But what really stands out was the art and animation. Some of it reminded me of the work done on the plant planet episode, one of last season’s best. Other parts had the look of moving paintings, and still others were cartoonish. There really wasn’t a reason for this variety; all the styles worked all right with the little scenes but overall didn’t add up to anything. In fact, both episodes felt as though too many different creative minds were tugging at them. Though, as I said, the episode 3 is worth watching just for how it looks.

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