Akame ga Kill 6, Barakamon 5, Glasslip 6

The trouble with using Wikipedia to remember names and check spelling is that your eyes tend to wander, so I pretty much knew what would happen in Akame ga Kill 6. I just didn’t know the gory details.


If I hadn’t known about Sheele’s imminent death, I wonder if it would have come as a shock. I think it would have. With hindsight, Sheele’s sweet relationship with Tatsumi, with her joy of being useful and finally finding someone to hug, had some foreboding to it, but this episode was well set up. They get gory early on when Tatsumi slices a guy in half, to get us in the mood, and when we get to Sheele and Mine it’s presented as the other half of a night’s operation, and since the first half was poisoned with more ridiculous speeches and pronouncements (this show and Tokyo ESP are in a tie for the worst dramatic speeches of the year award). It’s when Seryu shows up and the mood darkens that we knew something bad would happen.


It was a decent battle, apart from the dog. We hadn’t seen him in action, and he’s effective when he is, but damn, I can’t take an enemy that looks like that seriously. Well, the show has always mixed the bloody and grotesque with the cartoonish … Other than that it was back and forth. Sheele and Mine regroup and attack effectively. Seryu proves herself to be not naive but utterly insane, and to prove it she has weapons hidden away in strange places. Her arms, sure, but a gun in her mouth? Nothing about this girl is normal. Anyway, when Sheele gets shot and bitten in half we get a goodbye sequence that’s maybe too long but I rather enjoyed. It’s nice to see the show giving a side character a few moments of life and dignity in the end.

On to happier series.
On to happier series.

Not much to say about Barakamon 5. I think I enjoyed the early, quickly forgotten bit about konomon the most. I had the same experience with corn fritters once. I must try konomon some day. The beach part was all right. It had a lot of jokes at Handa’s expense as usual, but also showed how much he’s bonded with the people in the village to the point where they give him respect and he doesn’t mind their hanging around. The last bit, where they’re all sleeping in Handa’s room, was sweet. And no on tried to give any words of wisdom this week.

Kakeru is even worse than usual this episode.
Kakeru is even worse than usual this episode.

Glasslip 6 … Just what’s going on in this series? I’m getting used to the idea that Kouto and Kakeru are pursuing their weird ability for personal ends; that’s been clear for a while. Kakeru says he looks at them as fragments of things he will need if he’s to become whole again. If he’s incomplete or broken I don’t know how seeing things he will see again actually helps him, but it might explain his self-centered attitude, seen in this episode twice when he provokes not only Yukinari but Yanagi, probably so that he would get the green light to go after Touko, who I don’t think is strong enough to resist. (Touko sees the flashforwards as ways to experience good things twice and to be warned about bad things–rather superficial, I think) Why she didn’t slap Kakeru as well I don’t know. He tries manipulating Touko, saying that she’s in all his visions, and she says the same, but, er, what about Sachi?

The only happy couple, being happy.
The only happy couple, being happy.

Speaking of Sachi, she is having a pleasant time being wooed by Hiro. It’s nice to see them together, concerned with each other and nothing else, imminent tests aside. I’m trying to figure out the deal with the eyes here. Kakeru says he can maybe “see it,” we switch to Sachi, wearing 3D glasses or something, then we see Kakeru’s eyes watering, then a close-up of Sachi’s lenses and the sparklers reflecting off them. What’s the connection?

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