SAO and Aldnoah 9, Barakamon 8


Sword Art Online 2 9 brings up its questions right at the end. We figured that Death Gun (as opposed to life gun, I suppose) would out maneuver Kirito and Sinon’s attempt to take him out. But I, for one, didn’t predict that DG would be carrying the same gun as the one Sinon used to kill that man. There’s no reason to believe that Sinon’s assailant/victim in RL is in any way related to DG, which means the latter is using the gun as a kind of mind game, meaning he knows about her past. That’s very interesting, just as much as the cliffhanger they have going. Will Kirito rescue her and give himself away? The gunshot at the end could be anyone’s, and since Kirito sucks at firing guns it might have been him announcing his presence. Also, Azuna and Klein have identified DG, so there’s intervention to be expected there, though they might be too late for that. Still, I like the concept of players in one game taking a break and watching players in a completely different game. One more thing: why didn’t Kirito and Sinon go after DG’s intended victim, killing them to save them. It’d probably piss DG off, and they need to put him off balance.

Trying to wrap my head around the motivations in Aldnoah.Zero 9.

Why are you?  That's what I want to know.
Why are you? That’s what I want to know.

Mainly, what the hell was Rayet up to? I don’t believe the princess is actually dead, she’s too important to the plot, and they can explain away the battleship losing power in any way they want, so that’s not important. Rayet was betrayed by her Martian benefactors, swears revenge upon them, but that’s not why she strangled Asseylum. She knows that Asseylum was a powerful tool for ending the conflict and/or putting the Martians in disarray. Instead, she maybe felt angry toward Asseylum’s position of someone very powerful yet above the petty fighting, which would explain that internal “Why?” speech she makes. Or maybe she just flipped upon seeing her former intended victim and her enemies team up. I have no idea.


We get more from the Martians’ side from Saazbaum, well, his side. During his dinner with Slaine he makes his intentions clear. He wants revenge on the Emperor for sending the knights off to war, where his fiancee died, and at the same time he wants to expand his territory for the sake of his vassals, recognizing that they live in a feudal society and maybe being fine with it. Again, I wonder what the “vassals” think of it. We still haven’t met any martians except the royalty and the nobility. Anyway, by taking part in this battle he seems to be embracing the same mind-set as the man whom he despises does, and he does so with a straight face. Well, they all have straight faces up there. The only grinning martians we’ve met were full of blood-lust. In other words, Saazbaum is just plain greedy for power and revenge. Easy to figure him out. Wish that were so easy to say with Rayet.


Barakamon 8 has one annoying first half and a sweet second half. I never like it when Handa descends to the level of immaturity that the kids he watches over has, and here he’s even selfish enough to want to give Naru a birthday gift that the boys were already planning to give her. Well, it sort of ends well, and Handa’s immaturity does mean he’s popular with the kids because he can play with them. The second half takes place during Obon, and Handa is sort-of coerced into watching over Naru’s grandma’s grave along with Naru. It could be another “locals have weird customs” episode, except you get the impression here that what the villagers do is the proper way, and Handa has forgotten about it, which he would freely admit. Also, I’m a sucker for anime scenes where people are celebrating at a yearly event. Usually it means the plot takes a break, if only for a few minutes, and everyone can share something. It can be a nice reprieve. Also, I like it when Handa willingly joins in with the fun.

4 thoughts on “SAO and Aldnoah 9, Barakamon 8

  1. I’m hoping that the princess is actually dead now and that all is more or less as it seems going by the last few minutes of that most recent Aldnoah.Zero episode. Not that I particularly dislike her character, but I do admire it when an anime series has the balls to kill off a main character without any sentimentality or super obvious foreshadowing. I’m not holding my breath that she is honestly dead mind you, but you never know.

    1. I keep hoping she’ll get to the point where she’ll whip a gun out like in the OP, if not literally, figuratively. Her character hasn’t reached that point yet.

      1. Yeah, that certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing to see happen either. I’m wondering if the gun in the OP is more a metaphor though, since in the eyes of certain other characters, the princess is more or less a weapon herself.

  2. Asseylum actually firing a gun might be a metaphor, but I don’t see her presence in the OP as that as a tool. I think she actually has to reach a more murderous stage. And so, to paraphrase Conan the Barbarian, she has to be alive to kill somebody.

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