Glasslip 10, Tokyo ESP 9, Aldnoah 10

Glasslip 10’s quiet little moments felt especially enjoyable this week, so I was a little sad when they had to do some plot at the end.

Surprised to see these two talking together.
Surprised to see these two talking together.

We start with a continuation of the confession in the tower, where Sachi says she’s confessing her love to both of them. That’s perfectly all right with them, and does nothing more than reaffirm their friendship and solidify the notion that Sachi is a little weird. At least she doesn’t seem to be up to anything now. Later, to prove it, Kakeru comes to visit her and they talk almost like friends about Touko’s ability with shiny objects. I don’t know how she knew, but maybe I missed something. What’s especially nice is Sachi’s acceptance of Kakeru needing Touko, because she does as well, still, an odd little scene. Speaking of weirdness, Yukinari returns home from training camp looks at the cryptic messages Yanagi’s been sending her, and they match up perfectly with what he’s seeing now. Perhaps they’re making a point that if nothing ever changes, the present can look like the future. Still, it’s uncanny. Three cats, two white, one black …

It's snowing, in Touko's head, so Kakeru can kiss her now, right?
It’s snowing, in Touko’s head, so Kakeru can kiss her now, right?

Also among the quiet nothing scenes (my favorite being an odd non-conversation between Hiro and Kakeru, where both seem prepared to talk about things but don’t know what to say), Touko has a chat with Kakeru’s parents (odd conversational pair-ups this week: Kakeru and Hiro, Kakeru and Sachi, Touko and Kakeru’s parents …) and realize how his circumstances might make him feel isolated. Also, Yanagi’s running, now witnessed by Yukinari. But finally the show gets some serious plot done and get Touko and Kakeru together again, while she’s hallucinating snow and looking for a chicken. Even now that they’ve kissed it seems unclear to me whether they’re together romantically or not. It could have been an experiment in fulfilling one of Touko’s visions, though it was snowing then … well, it’s snowing in the scene, too, but only in her head … Argh, I think on one level or another I’m never going to fully understand this series, but it can be fun to watch.


I figured Tokyo ESP 9 would be pretty depressing, but the show was clever at making it more so. The girls (and one guy we never see again) waltz into the school, terrorize the students, and proceed to beat the crap out of Rinka when she tries to intervene. Sure enough, Azuma joins in, holding poor Rinka up so they can pound her some more, though I don’t think it’s from anything sneaky they did while he was captive, he’s just another innocent party, mesmerized by one of the espers. Here, maybe the show takes a couple of missteps. In true anime fashion, he snaps out of it, but it’s pointless, because he’s whisked away by Minami, who doesn’t kill him, because maybe she likes him, though the episode takes great pains through flashbacks at showing how devoted she is to her dad. Anyway, Rinka’s “dead” and loses her powers, Peggy is captured, Azuma’s a long way away, and it’s all depressing. I guess I can live with Minami’s actions. After all, she did take Azuma out of the action.


The show does a clever turn to make it even more cheerful by having the government rush through their anti-esper bill, meaning the police storm in on the recovering Rinka (her heart stopped for several minutes. No big deal), her dad, panda-sensei, etc., so now Rinka’s on the run from just about everyone. So is Kuroi, though Murasaki manages to reach her dad. The others, for now, are out of the picture. I’m trying to guess how they’ll get out of this. Rinka’s got to get her powers back, we’ve got Azuma, Murasaki and Ayuma still uncaught, as far as we know. And three episodes to do it all in.

Asseylum adds to Rayet's insanity without meaning to.
Asseylum adds to Rayet’s insanity without meaning to.

Aldnoah.Zero 10 begins with what we all expected. Inaho manages to revive Asseylum, though the ship I guess needs a full reboot, and then it’s time for Rayet to explain herself. We have a standoff (Rayet manages to get a gun) while she gives a speech that makes little sense, but we cut her slack because the balance of right and wrong have gone screwy in her head. She was a martian trying to take over earth, which led her father to try and kill a martian, messed-up enough, but then the martian princess doesn’t change her attitude but instead blames herself. No wonder Rayet winds up pointing the gun at her own head. Inaho, who is annoyingly everywhere he needs to be again, puts a stop to that. I’m also trying to figure out if there was any meaning to the fact that both assailant and victim wore nothing but white towels during this entire section.

A flashback to the partial orgins of Saazbaum's own insanity.
A flashback to the partial orgins of Saazbaum’s own insanity.

Later, we have a scene or two between Slaine and the more traditionally crazy Saazbaum. He gives his motives for invading the Earth–his fiancee was killed during the disaster caused by their side while they were invading the Earth the first time, and Mars is impoverished. I thought he had sworn revenge on the emperor? Or is he going after Asseylum only? He also leaves Slaine to his own devices, probably a bad idea, but Saazbaum is thinking about as logically as Rayet is, though he doesn’t have the excuses she has. Anyway, Saazbaum’s going to attack the Earth’s last stronghold. The good guys, including Asseylum, are obviously going to fight back. We know where the finale is headed.

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