Hanayamata and Akame ga Kill 10, Free2 11

The team is finally assembled, nearly at the end of the series.
The team is finally assembled, nearly at the end of the series.

You can tell a lot about Machi’s personality in Hanayamata 10 by how she joins the club. She just announces that she’s joining, and that’s that … with a little hesitation on the “please take care of me” line. And from there she starts working them to death as if she was the president. True, they should be practicing, but maybe they don’t need the newest member telling them that. On the other hand Azunyan kept doing the same thing in K-ON, but no one ever listened to her. And the club does need some leadership–the big plot crisis in the episode comes when they learn they had missed the deadline for registering for the festival. Happily, despite her snarking, no one is terribly offended by Machi’s behavior, except maybe Yaya, who keeps her mouth shut. And it works out in the end since it was clear from the start that she wanted the practicing mostly for herself. For next week’s invented crisis, Hana’s mom shows up.


Akame ga Kill 10 is one of the funnier ones. First, we have the ridiculous scene between Tatsumi and Esdeath in her boudoir, in other words, two people possibly getting into a romantic situation who are on complete opposite sides of the conflict. Part of me feared for Tatsumi’s life and the other side said “enjoy it.” Instead, Tatsumi decides to try and convert Esdeath to the rebels’ side, a doomed enterprise but you have to admire him for trying, even if his speeches are still on a simplistic good vs. evil plane. And I thought he did a good job of trying without giving away his identity, that is to say, she didn’t kill him. And I suppose we have to give Esdeath a choice of good or evil, so she can reject it and we can move on.

Tatsumi the spy gets some key intel.
Tatsumi the spy gets some key intel.

Though I wonder if Esdeath and the Jaegers have the brains to recognize Tatsumi anyway, well, apart from Stylish. In the second ridiculous scene, Tatsumi manages to get away from Wave, transforming into his armor, only to have Wave, in his own armor, confront him, and neither side knows who the other is or thinks it through. Well, we have to figure Wave doesn’t have a lot on the ball. They’ve set him up as the empires’ equivelent of Tatsumi: young, a bit guileless, and wanting to do the right thing. He’s even had the type of meeting-the-weird-teammates scenes that Tatsumi had. But he IS the enemy, and I’m interested to see what the show is going to do with him.


Free! Eternal Summer 11 brushes aside most of the old story arc stuff, save for one: Haru’s funk. Since the boy doesn’t show a lot on his face, his teammates and coach notice it when he swims. What’s more, their relay times are rising, they aren’t getting any better, so Haru’s funk is affecting everyone else, though they all seem to be trying. Every now and then throughout the episode, someone comes up and tries to get through to him with no success. Makoto a couple times, the other team members, even Sousuke has a few choice words for him. At least Sousuke gets a reaction other than “Shut up!” The problem here might be that time is passing. People are graduating and making plans, but Haru doesn’t seem to want to accept that they can’t swim together forever, and competitive swimming alone isn’t part of his dream. Well, maybe a surprise visit to Australia (Rin’s weird move at the end of the episode) will shake him up. Something had better; there are only two episodes left and they have to do the national competitions too.

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