Hanayamata 11, Free2 12

Work is going to delay my posts for a couple days, so I thought I’d put these two up now.


Hanayamata 11 was sweet and infuriating at the same time. It was sweet because, for once, all the tears Hana and the others shed felt right on target. Not too many, not too few. They also used the OP music effectively to heighten the emotions without overwhelming us with bathos. It was infuriating because Hana was stupid enough to not only tell the others that she was leaving a week before the performance, but she didn’t even mention to her loving, doting mom that she wanted to stay one more fucking week and do something very important to her. Surely, if this was that important, her mom would have done something to make it work. It’s also inexplicable behavior for her. She’s always been upfront about what she wants. Why didn’t she say anything to anybody until it was too late to change plans? Argh, Yaya was right. Baka! The saving grace of the episode was Naru’s growth, giving comfort to a friend who dearly needed it.


Free! Eternal Summer 11, in spite of its usual quality production values, was an underwhelming episode. Rin takes Haru to Australia, meets Rin’s homestay folks, stares at the beach, hears Rin’s story about his time here, and finally visits the Sydney aquatic center and discovers his dream, which is … what? Okay, to keep swimming, but where? I suppose it’s unfair to ask Haru while the new dream is still staring him in the face, but I couldn’t help wondering if he’d go to Australia, since Rin has pretty much admitted he can’t swim unless Haru is near, or back home? Also, the visit was surprisingly mundane. I was happy that there hadn’t been some huge crisis we’d have to watch via flashback, but as it turned out I yawned through most of it. The saving grace was the views of Sydney and the people there, which put me in ind of K-ON’s London visit.

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