New 2014 Fall #1

Once again I’ll start each show by posting the first comprehensible image from each show. I don’t really know WHY I do this, but it’s tradition.

Here we go!

It's hard to tell, but that's money.
It’s hard to tell, but that’s money.

An interesting start to Terraformars. We watch the world’s wealthy watch a fighter named Akari who’s trying to raise cash for his sick girlfriend and has to wrassle agiant, flesh-eatin’ bear to do it. But it turns out that this isn’t a story about rich and poor, but about finding a cure for the virus that kills the girlfriend on Mars, which is overrun with mutant cockroaches which we put there a long time ago. So after Akari kills that bear he joins the expedition to mars and we meet some of his new comrades, the usual episode one stuff.

Our hero.
Our hero.

Terraformars actually started a week or so ago, and episode two just came out, but I don’t know if I’ll get that far with this show. It looks good. Hamasaki Hiroshi is the director and it has a similar style and visual feel as Steins;Gate, at least early on, but the more I think about it the more mundane the show gets. It loses steam when we start meeting new characters, clownish boys, sympathetic, mysterious girls, and the positives I mentioned before can’t cover that up a weak story forever. There’s nothing much to Akari apart from rage and befuddlement when he can’t use it. I’ll give it another episode. Oh, gee, it’s already out, but there are too many other shows I have to check out first.

A lovely day in Akihabara.
A lovely day in Akihabara.

Denki-gai no Honya-san is a sort of Working!! in a Akihabara bookstore, and it looks like it might have the same problems that series did with getting the characters set up and having them bounce off each other and the customers. We follow Hiotan, a fairly new employee, as she encounters the fearsome “Ero manga G-man,” who turns out to be okay, and the benign oddballs she works with, like, er, that guy, also Sommelier, Sensei, the cosplay girl who didn’t get much screentime this episode, and the manager, who might be the only actual perv in the outfit. But later we turn away from Hiotan and watch Sensei in a last minute rush to finish her doujin for the next Comiket, or whatever they call it in this universe. So perhaps it’s going to be an ensemble cast rather than one led by one protagonist.

The staff being spied on.
The staff being spied on.

Some of it is completely predictable, the rush to finish the doujin scene especially, although that guy (okay, I’ll look him up … Umi) staying behind to help Sensei but keeping it a secret was a nice touch. We get the impression that they might work on a romance there. Other parts are sort of odd. For instance, girls will turn red for no apparent reason, and that OP with the apples. The story and pacing have that episode one clumsiness we see so often in shows. Some good bits, my favorite being probably Sommelier matching customers with manga, hence his nickname. On the other hand, I can’t believe Hiotan didn’t know what BL stood for. But overall, a happy little series that I’ll keep watching for now.

How nice, a wedding.
How nice, a wedding.

Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken is another benign happy, show. Kaoru, a perfectly ordinary young woman, married Hajime, a hardcore otaku. We get little (it’s only five minutes long) snippets of their domestic life, which is basically her reacting to him. Indeed, the title pretty much says it all. Kaoru has no idea what her husband’s on about.


Maybe the best bit came at the start when we see what the two are thinking at their wedding, which was, basically, “huh?” In spite of this, and all of the culture clashes that fuel the show, the couple are in some sort of love. Both Kaoru and the ED say “I don’t know why, but I’m happy.” So there’s a layer of sweetness to it. However, it’s too early to tell if the culture clash jokes that fuel the humor will sustain the series.

Yeah, right.
Yeah, right.

Next it’s the return of those happy young girls in Selector Spread WIXOSS. The first season got so strange that I had quite forgotten who had done what with what wish and who’s a card now, etc, but the show manages to remind us. We have Ruuko, happy and melancholy in turns, out with her friend(!) Hitoe, doing girly stuff, a nice way to ease into the story again, though the dark side is still there, since Hitoe’s Lrig is Yuzuki. Some very odd scenes, three girls on an outing, except one of them is two-dimensional and four inches tall, and thus relegated to straight-man duties. They meet another selector, the genki Chiyori from last season, and while they warn her about the dangers of battling we get the story-so-far synopsis. Chiyori apparently learned some of it already out of a book, which none of the main characters has read, but apparently not all of it.


The dark stuff happens soon enough, as Iona, now Ruuko’s lrig (I WONDERED what had happened to her), keeps going “c’mon c’mon, you know you wanna!” and reminding her that Tama’s still missing. That, I suppose, is Ruuko’s wish, and you know she won’t be able to resist battling anyway. Also, they have to get Yuzuki back in three dimensions, meaning Hitoe will be an lrig, and then … oh, I don’t want to think about it too much. In spite of the bizarre and inane plot twists, I enjoyed season one more than a lot of people did, so I’ll probably continue to write about season two.

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