Twintails and Yuki Yuna 2-3


Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu remains amusing through its second and third episodes, even with predictability in the story. The hero(ine) gets his/her powers, then proceeds to get allies with their own abilities. Which was actually episode three. Episode TWO was basically an infodump, a look at this fetishistic enemy, and everyone settling in to Souji’s place for their headquarters, with his mom’s blessing and Aika grumbling next door, so we’re have potential for a domestic comedy as well, one pervier than most. Inevitably, Aika becomes another twintail heroine in episode three after Souji is trapped by the alien of the week (the show actually mentions this concept–it likes to wink at us), but it’s amusing that the witnesses later refer to her as a copycat hero, a good spin to keep a stale storyline fresh. The show’s been pretty good at that so far, e.g. The “What would a guy do if he was in a woman’s body?” question is answered with two girls spying on him, and the answer is EVEN MORE DISGUSTING THAN YOU THINK!

A fair question.
A fair question.

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru 2 takes care of a one thing earlier than I expected. But first, we get the infodump, Fuu telling us things we already learned in episode one, though this sort of makes it official. It also suggests that these attacks don’t come very often, whereupon there’s the second emergency call in as many days–suspicious. But mainly the infodump lapses into accusations on Tougou’s part: how dare Fuu enlist these girls and put them in danger without warning them, or giving them a choice. And she’s quite right. That this is mixed in with Tougou’s frustration and guilt about not being able to help only adds some depth to the situation. Which leads us to the second part, where THREE monsters attack and Tougou is forced to transform, as I said, earlier than I thought she would in the series.


I can’t think of another series where a disabled person becomes a magical girl, or the equivalent. It’s very interesting. She has four pointed braces that serve as legs, and they carry her around probably with more ease than any of the other transformed girl moves. There’s no magical life in her real legs–they just dangle below her. Almost as interesting is the change in her attitude. Maybe she’s angry because her friends are in danger, but she puts on a cold-blooded face worthy of Homura. And she kicks ass just as much. There’s also the way she transforms–she seems shocked at first, then in an angry rush (though I could have done without the jiggling). While she goes back to being kind and gentle when the fighting is over, I hope to see her channel that anger again, hmm … maybe in the episode I’ll watch tomorrow …


Alas, all the anger in episode three is reserved for Karin, the new girl, who knocks off a vertex single-handedly, gives some obvious backstory, and otherwise goes around acting like a tsundere, until she’s softened up by the other girls invading her place on her birthday. It’s all obviously done, insults and grandstanding early on, getting disoriented by the girls’ amused reaction to her (and her avatar getting chewed on by Yuna’s), getting invited to stuff she doesn’t want to do, getting involved against her will, grumbling and then letting out a smile, the whole bit. But her presence does raise a question: if she is indeed an improved, version 1.0 of the ass-kicking girls, with the others as betas, why don’t the rest of them get an upgrade?

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