What I’m watching this season.

Turns out I DID choose a good month to take off. There’s not really much to this season. A couple of new shows are holding up and I’ll watch them every week, but for the most part I’m two episodes behind on just about everything. And when I DO sit down to watch something, it feels more like a chore than normal. I wonder if it was because I was watching not with an eye toward a blog post but more as a simple viewer. I don’t think so. I don’t think I would have wanted to write about most of these episodes anyway.

Amagi Brilliant Park–three episodes behind. Every time I watch an episode I admire its look and count the minutes until the episode is over, and I normally love KyoAni shows. Inou Battle–two episodes. It was more before Makoto’s now-famous rant, and since then the show has become more interesting. I just hope it doesn’t unravel and become a bunch of battles, as much as I like to see action in a Studio Trigger series. Two behind on Twintails as well; I’m watching that one to see if they can actually carry this concept on for a full season. Shirobako–two episodes, even though I actually enjoy it. Trinity Seven–one episode. I like the main character’s mix of earnestness and perversion, though not enough that I can remember his name. Kokkuri-san–FOUR episodes. This is the strange one because I almost always laugh when I do watch. Denki-gai–four, again, it’s a show I actually like. I’m not sure what’s going on with this show and Kokkuri. Maybe I’m hoarding them.

Yet another lovely Mushishi moment.
Yet another lovely Mushishi moment.

There are only four shows I watch on the day, or the day after, the newest episode comes out. Mushishi is the obvious first choice, though it’s had a problem with its recent episodes: they’re all about parents, usually mothers’, troubles with their kids. This week it was lightning boy, last week it was water boy, the week before that the boy was normal but the mother was floating in the trees. It’s getting repetitive. The episodes are still great to look at and have moments that will make you gasp, but that’s average for the series. It hasn’t done something truly amazing for a while. Well, when my only complaint is that a show is just great and not truly amazing, you know it’s still a winner.

William's beside himself.  Get it?  (honestly, what was with that ghost thing this episode?)
William’s beside himself. Get it? (honestly, what was with that ghost thing this episode?)

I’ve also kept up with Log Horizon, a show that has won me over by being consistently interesting, with a few lapses … really, did we need an entire episode for William’s speech? Well, it did bring up some questions about their existence there. William keeps talking about Elder Tale as a game, when, after two years of living in it, you’d think he’d consider it something else, like his life. The show also works as a defense of gaming in general and what a person can learn from one, and since gamergate has nearly turned the word into a pejorative, I suppose it needs some defending. He learned trust and teamwork from the game, or the life, the same thing that Shiroe has decided he needs, the same thing Akatsuki decided she needed in the previous arc. I don’t know that we viewers need to see the same lessons learned from three or four different characters at the same time, but that’s the way the show works right now. Looking forward to their retry next week. Incidentally, Log Horizon is the only anime series I can watch live on TV here (Saturdays at 5:30 on NHK-E), so I try to watch it there first.

Note that Mushishi and Log Horizon are in their second seasons. I think I’ll talk about the two “new” shows in my next post, once I’ve caught up.


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