The other two shows I’m caught up with: Lie in April and Yuuki Yuuna

As I wrote before, there are two new (if you can call them that near the end of the season) shows I watch as soon as they come out. One is Your Lie in April, even if it’s often excruciating to watch.

How's the performance going, Kousei?
How’s the performance going, Kousei?

It’s not that Kousei’s troubles bother me. I think they’ve done a nice job of showing off the reason for his neuroses, especially last week, when he finally stands up to his cruel mother and have her promptly die on him, a nice layer of frosting on his guilt-cake. But the show also lays it on awfully thick. Last week we started watching his performance at the contest but they laid on so many flashbacks of cruel women in their wheelchairs, with canes, that instead of the dread of Kousei losing it while playing, we knew it was coming and twiddled our thumbs so he could snap out of it–an episode later. Lovely, a week of waiting, knowing what would happen, and wondering how long episode 10 would wallow in it before something happened.


As for episode 10, it took forever. We tracked through all the old ground again while he started pounding the keys like he did at Kaori’s recital, then apparently lose interest, then found a reason to play. On and on it went, the friends and rivals watching, shocked, me drumming my fingers … And then he decided to start all over again … While I was glad that the mood lightened, though they insisted on playing the Chopin to the end, and that he’s over this particular obstacle, there’s still the idea that he’s simply replaced the female he used to play for with another, and the new one takes as many pills as the old one did. I’m not sure that’s a progression. Still, I’m glad the contest is over. I wonder if Takeshi or Emi won?

Fuu, the hero of last week.
Fuu, the hero of last week.

Meanwhile, Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru has made itself a nice little puddle of despair for this set of girls. Last week Fuu learned about how the gods (Shinju? Taisha? Can’t figure it out) had set these girls up as sacrifices to itself, in order to protect the world, apparently, and Fuu took it badly, as she should. She had withheld information from the others, and it ended up costing them all something. To her credit, she not only regrets her actions but sets out to rectify it–by going off to kill the gods. She’s stopped by the other girls, who tell her they’re happy to be together, they regret nothing, etc, and completely missing the point that they’ve been duped. Episode 10 is pretty much the same, only this time it’s Togo’s turn to rebel.


It means a long and partially unnecessary flashback followed by a Sonoko infodump; we already knew much of the backstory, at least the happy-girly part, but it was good to see our suspicions confirmed: she lost the use of her legs from a previous turn as hero. And Sonoko points out some other things, like her arranged family switching , moving next door to YY, and that they’re also now being worshiped as deities while the main deity continues to consume them. Togo is the most sensible girl of the batch, and, believe it or not, the only one who thinks that maybe looking outside the wall of illusion to see reality might be a good thing.

Togo learns the truth.
Togo learns the truth.

It’s not entirely clear to me, but it looks like either there’s an army of vertexes waiting their turn to invade, or they’re just fixing up new versions of the vertexes the girls have already defeated to attack again. In the first case, they’re doomed, and in the second they’re in a never-ending power struggle where they’ll just wind up dying. At this point you have to wonder what the hell the gods are thinking about; are they in a balance that satisfies and feeds both sides at the expense of vertexes and humanity alike? And does it matter? Like Fuu last week, Togo does the right thing and decides to destroy the balance in order to save her friends. I suspect she won’t be so easy to appease as Fuu was, either. She’ll probably fail, but I’m looking forward to what effect she might have.


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