Catching up: Shirobako

Misa chooses the path of the penguin.
Misa chooses the path of the penguin.

Shirobako 10 is a relatively calm episode where the studio’s production activities are as hectic as ever, but no one is having a crisis over it. The crises have more to do with Misa at that other job, deciding whether to quit or continue animating tires for three years. As for me, I would have waited until I had worked a year before quitting, because it might look better in the resume, but she does what she has to do. She got to this point after Aoi goes from office to cubicle and gets various life advice on the fly. It’d be an accusation to say the characters always get the advice they need in their life just at the right time; rather, they get the advice they need to make it to the next day, or episode (of Exodus, not Shirobako). The advice of the week is “know where you want to go, and the means to get there will become clear,” or something along those lines, and it inspires Seiichi to finish the storyboards, Misa to resign, AND Honda to become a baker. That’s some advice!


We also get a documentary bit, like we often do, where Aoi visits the sound studio and is made to make some noises. I like these bits maybe the most, showing how things are done in a production, and if it’s actually glossed over a little, it doesn’t feel that way. I had the same feeling with the voice recording sessions, and the party afterwards. But I figure the show will get intense again next week; they’ve put a countdown toward the final episode (of Exodus, not Shirobako), after all.


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