Finales: Inou Battle and Yuuki Yuuna

I watched the last three episodes of Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Baka de today, trying to figure out once again what the show meant to be.

The superpowers part.
The superpowers part.

There were a couple of episodes where the girls find time to hang out with Jurai, and then, almost at random, or because they figured they needed a threat near the end, they brought in an attack by a third party for the characters to overcome. The show doesn’t do that too often, so it came as a surprise. What’s was also surprising was Jurai’s quick thinking in allowing the good guys to escape, and his brilliant, though painful as hell strategy to get Chifuyu’s powers back. It’s as though his power was created just to punish people who try to take it. Then all the girls pair up and they talk about Andou some more. The end, well, unless there’s a second season, and you can tell the creators want one.

The romcom part.
The romcom part.

All shows are what they are, and if they want to slam different genres together it won’t hurt either one. But this series takes the cake. They give everyone super powers and they go on with their lives as before. We get to see that there are other people around with powers as well, but after the borders between the them and our gang get too close, their leader tells his people to leave the “virgin children” alone, and we’re back to our harem hijinks. The most memorable scene isn’t a battle but a 2+ minute rant that has nothing to do with superpowers. And instead of “great power means great responsibility” we get “super powers are cool, and that’s all they need to be.”

Mako, is that you?
Mako, is that you?

Trigger did this? Okay, they can’t do KlK every season, but it’s so different from what we expected that it’s hard to believe, and I’m sure a lot of people were let down. I say they should do what they want, and it makes me wonder what they’re planning next. It wasn’t a bad series, either, just bewildering and a little misleading.

The finale of Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru was a little misleading at times too, both to me and to the girls.


We start where we left off, with Tougou facing off against Yuuki while the bad guys pour in through the wall. Sometimes they trade blows, or bursts of magical light, and sometimes they argue. Tougou is perhaps the one with the weaker argument. She no longer says their god was misleading them, which was her strongest argument, but instead talks about losing her friends again, which isn’t effective because if the bad guys win she’ll likely lose them anyway. She then switches to the fear of forgetting her friends, a much more valid point, since she’s had her memories erased before. But from there it falls into “Yes, you will! No, I won’t!” territory until Yuuki forces her way through and punches her in the jaw, Touma-style.


Having won the argument, Yuuki sets off to stop the sun (a rather small one) from getting farther into good-guy territory. She’s joined by Tougou, but Yuuki inexplicably faints and falls to, er, earth, I suppose. Time for all the other girls to step up and join the pushing, good rousing anime fun, but wait, I thought Karin couldn’t see or hear anymore. Still not enough–obviously they need all four girls. Yuuki wakes up and finds she can’t use her legs(!), but gives the best scream in a series full of them, and charges up to touch the sun, which blows up but doesn’t kill them. I’m not sure what the message here is. Yeah, heroes don’t give up and all that, but it took all four of them to stop the sun. But there’s plenty of talk later on how heroes never give up even when they’re alone … Well, I never expected the finale to make sense.


What also doesn’t make much sense is the aftermath. The girls slowly heal up, though Yuuki takes longer and stays a vegetable for a month so they can stretch the emotions out further. I’m glad of it–none of the characters deserved what they had been getting from their god (though I liked Fuu’s eyepatch), but if the god is restoring their bodies, why couldn’t it do it before? Also, their superpowers are gone for good. It’s as if their god is merciful only when they can’t fight for it any longer. Also, the healed Yuuki faints again. Maybe she ought to look into that … Well, it’s a nice enough ending, and I’m glad to see the god they worshiped isn’t a total dick. That whole worshiping a cruel god business was actually one of the better things in a show which would have been silly and predictable otherwise. Okay, it was still a silly show, but it was great to look at. I especially liked the designs on the manzai girls, not to mention the monsters and the animation of the battles. It all felt vivid. I’d probably watch another season, and with that closing bit “End of Yuuna’s chapter,” I think we might get one.


5 thoughts on “Finales: Inou Battle and Yuuki Yuuna

  1. There’s a prologue novel of yuki yuna, telling the story of previous yuusha, the one we saw bedridden from fighting vertexes, And it’s confirmed that second season is green lighted.

    • Thanks for the info. So I can assume the second season is going to be the prequel? I hope not, because we sort of know how it will turn out, with that girl bedridden and the enemy not defeated.

  2. There’s no further info yet wether it would be sequel or prequel, but I think it’s gonna be sequel since the novel already covers the prequel.

  3. “just bewildering and a little misleading.”

    In other words, just like KLK xD A Trigger “style” is definitely emerging. “Take all the tropes, use them well, but don’t contribute anything special to them”

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