The last of the finales, 2014

It was only a couple of minutes, really.
It was only a couple of minutes, really.

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu finished in the usual fashion, with Souji, full of doubt, awakening as a girl, is nearly beaten by Spidergildy, only to have moment of realization before the final blow, a talk with his own twintails full of weird philosophy and a pep talk, and rallies to defeat Arachnegildy (name changed after he went off to train), and so the world is saved for twintails. Hooray! It’s also satisfying because for much of the series the real fighting had been done by the other girls while he stood by. We could analyze this silly show if we wanted; the kiss from Dark Grasper had awakened more mundane adolescent thoughts in his head and he was ready to outgrow his fetish, that learning how to do his/her own twintails gave him the maturity to appreciate them more, or just his experience of being a girl did so. But I, nor any sane person, has the desire to overthink it all.


In one way, this show deserves a medal. It announced it was all about twin-tail love and it stuck to it. Sure, it veered toward other fetishes. Each villain had their own. I actually thought it sad that the villains, otherwise decent folks who supported each other and cared for their underlings, felt like they had to take the twin-tail attribute away from others. The heroes and villains in this series are sort of brothers, er, sisters. Can’t they all just get along? But the main thrust was twin-tails, and Souji’s defense of them was admirable, almost heroic, in a weird sort of way. Otherwise the show had no real surprises. Sidekicks appeared (Aika was great until later, when she had little to do but contribute lines and be the brunt of small chest jokes), crises were confronted, weird philosophy was babbled. But it was light and silly series that had its moments.

One more of Erina.
One more of Erina.


Gagure! Kokkuri-san … uneven, a bit predictable at times, but I’m sorry to see it go. It had a great start which was funny, dark, and sad in perfectly sized portions, as Kokkuri-san came to Kohina’s house to haunt her and ended being her guardian out of pity. Alas, the show didn’t get much beyond that, though I admit I don’t know exactly what it could have done. They introduced two more housemates who were occasionally funny and more often annoying. The best side character, Jimeko-san the bully, had a great introductory episode and was hardly seen again, to my regret. In the end they could only invent little stories that didn’t often work, and often didn’t have enough Kohina in them, you know, the main character (well, maybe that’s Kokkuri-san).


But even with the weak episodes the show remembered to bring its black humor with it, such as the sentimental Christmas tale in the final episode where we discover the father is actually dead, or even when Kohina tries to smile and her face falls off in pieces. The show usually remembered, usually at the last minute, that it was a slapstick comedy at heart.


Denki-gai no Honya-san won’t win any medals for anything, but it’s another show I’ll miss. There’s not much to say about it except that for me the show’s nature was reflected in the characters. Like them, it ambled along from bit to bit, not sure where it was going next, stumbling a lot but trying hard the entire time. It was a little perverted, but sweet-natured, harmless, and very cute. I just wish it had laid off the constant girl-power references. After a great first bit it got old fast. Oh, well. I’d happily watch another season.


Finally, another slightly perverted but sweet-natured series: Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken. I remember being struck in the first episode, where they both wonder how on earth they got married, only to have an ED with both of them in the tub, obviously happy. The whole series had that underlying sweetness to it that made the sometimes embarrassing Little plots more palatable. Plus, it was only four minutes long. I’d like another season of this, too, though everyone knows that the best way to kill a good series is to add a kid to it.

Happy New Year! See you when the next season begins.

2 thoughts on “The last of the finales, 2014

  1. The real pleasure of Twintails was that it was a huge sendup of shounen shows and the entire magical girl genre. There were a lot of scenes which, in some other show, would be serious which in this show resulted in a huge horselaugh. Souji’s communing with his fetish during the battle in the last episode was an example of that; I couldn’t stop laughing while it was going on because it was so stupid. (Deliberately so; this show has been a farce from the very beginning.)

    1. Well, yes, it was a parody of anime genres, and in that respect I felt it was hit or miss. I was mostly responding on how it stuck to its twintail guns, so to speak.

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