More 2-3s, Death Parade, Durarara, oh, and Isuca 1


I didn’t care for Death Parade 1 as much as a lot of other people did. I disliked the cruel game, the arbitrary nature of the judging, and the Divorce Court-like, voyeuristic stance we viewers were forced to take, perhaps making our own judgments on whatever hapless couple comes there next. Episode 2 improved things a little. Even though we had to watch those poor newlyweds again, at least we got an idea of how the thing worked, and some interesting little background bits, like Decim’s love of mannequins, and that Nona, not him, seems to run the place. I also liked how Decim might make an error in judgment, even though this might send a innocent soul into the void, but that’s because I think most concepts of heaven and hell are screwed up anyway. Anyway, it’s a good thing Nona got some extra help.


But in episode 3 we’re back to the “doomed couple with secrets” format, and, as the girl with no name says, it’s nice to have a friendly couple for a change, there are still tawdry secrets to reveal, and we’re just waiting around for the memories to come back and for them to be shocked. I doubt that any of the other couples will be as accepting or forgiving as these two–it’s just not as much fun, right? The thoughts of exploring this twisted limbo world doesn’t interest me enough to continue peeking at these sad little finished lives’ ugly moments.

Fighting is bad!  Sushi is good!
Fighting is bad! Sushi is good!

I won’t be dropping Durarara! 2 any time soon. It feels as fresh and inventive as the first season did.

Meet Kururi and Mairu.
Meet Kururi and Mairu.

In episodes 2 and 3 we continue with the mad spin-cycle of plot while new characters are introduced to old ones. First, Mikado meets a kid named Aoba at school. Aoba knows a lot about Mikado, not good for Mikado, maybe, but so far there’s no malice to be seen. Then we meet Mairu and Kururi, two oddball, possibly incestuous twin girls, also first-years at the school, and … some weirdness happens. Why did that girl’s bag catch fire right when she was threatening Aoba? He doesn’t seem to know.

Also meet, well, the screenshot tells us.
Also meet, well, the screenshot tells us.

And because everyone in this show is connected, we learn the twins are Izaya’s kid sisters, that Anri and Mikado know Walker and Erika (I don’t remember them meeting), that some nasty guy knows Anri, too, oh, and so does Shinra’s dad. And so the twins meet Kyohei and the guys in the van, including Togusa, who’s heart has been broken because apparently his idol, Ruri, is in a relationship with movie star Yuuhei, whom he rescued after Shizuo (his big brother) beat her up, and Ruri has some special blood in her that Celty seems to know about, and, oh, by the way, the twins discovered the money that Celty dropped earlier and asked Izaya about it … Oh, and Simon gets some lines at last!And where it’s all heading, I have no idea, and I don’t care. Whee! And that’s all the deep analysis you’re going to get with this series, at least until I catch up with everything.

And, three weeks late, we get one more new show!

The opening shot of Isuca is a lovely moon.
The opening shot of Isuca is a lovely moon.

In Isuca 1 we meet a typical high school boy named Asano, who encounters an exhibitionist woman on the way home who’s actually a giant centipede who wants to eat him, or steal his life force, actually, in exchange for the “ultimate pleasure.” A mysterious girl rescues him. The next day at school, after some boob and butt shots of girls in PE class, Asano bumps into a cute girl, Sakuya, who, wouldn’t you know it, happens to be the one who saved him. More monsters show up and Sakuya battles them, along with Asano (who shows hints of a hidden ability), losing more of her clothing every time the monster attacks. Strangely enough, it doesn’t happen to Asano.

Most of Sakuya's clothes are gone, so it's late in the battle.
Most of Sakuya’s clothes are gone, so it’s late in the battle.

I probably shouldn’t have watched Durarara! before watching Isuca, but even if I hadn’t I’m sure I would have dropped it after this episode. Since I did, I noticed even more how crude it looked, the dull conversations between predictable character types, and while the lightning monster looked okay, it did what bad shows do and waited for Sakuya to finish her infodumps before attacking. The only thing not hopelessly predictable in the episode was the friendly monster who helps them, and Sakuya’s reaction to her. Not nearly enough to keep me watching.

3 thoughts on “More 2-3s, Death Parade, Durarara, oh, and Isuca 1

  1. Mikado meet Erika and Walker back in the first episode of season 1 and later at the Dollars meetup in episode 11. They have become friends since then.

  2. i have a brand new anime or manga concept featuring a normal 17 year old boy named Adam Lee he lives in the year 10000 on a different planet called Elysium it is new years eve on Dec 31 a day later on Jan 1 10001 it is new years day some years later in the year 10005 on the month of August the day of twelve we meet a robot named Evangelina.

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