Aldnoah 20, Durararax2 and Maria 8

Aldnoah Zero 20, thick with plot movements on both sides, doesn’t lend itself well to any sort of analysis. Not that that’s stopped me before …

Pretty much a suicide mission ...
Pretty much a suicide mission …

On the Earth’s side, we got the big ship rescuing what was left of the fighters on the ground, including Inaho and Marika just when they were about to get destroyed, in one of those grand moments that would normally make me cheer except this is a Dunkirk situation. And later they’re ordered to do a big attack and retake the land they lost. And Inaho’s SmartEye is beginning to pain him … How many episodes is this season? Assuming just one, we’ve got maybe four left, so this will be the big story arc to polish everything off, unless there’s a season three. I suppose they could do another season, but I’m not sure the current characters and situations can sustain it.


On the Vers side, Slaine rather surprised me by confessing all of his thoughts about Asseylum to little Eddelrittuo, proving that he isn’t simply a conniving bastard, or he is, but he’s a lonely and confused one who doesn’t want to hurt Asseylum OR Lemrina. Eddelrittuo is busy this week; she also gets some mind games from Mazuurek, who’s showing more guile than I thought him capable of. So Eddel brings a certain pendant for Asseylum, and, we assume, the important memories it tirggered. The question is, what will Asseylum do about it? And what will Lemrina do now that she’s discovered that Asseylum is no longer in her tank? And will it interfere with the invasion?


Meanwhile, in Durarara!! x2 8, the more public members of the Dollars seem to have someone confronting them and other people waiting to get them from behind. The good news is that they’re not working together. We have Mikado, who just comes along with Aoba and a bunch of young punks to an abandoned warehouse (the same as in that big fight at the end of last season?) without arguing or fighting. Aoba reveals that he’s behind the attacks on that other gang, and now he want Mikado to lead his other gang, or first gang, the Blue Squares. Meanwhile, Celty is watching from a window, having trailed the bike, and Varona and that guy are watching HER, but they’re not connected to Aoba. And so the show goes on twisting our minds.


Elsewhere, Kyouhei is followed and confronted by that gang leader (after they followed Walker for a while, while various attacks on the dollars (both in RL and online) go down. Shizuo encounters a murder scene and will certainly get blamed for it, and Celty still hasn’t seen Akane, though she will next week. And Izaya seems to be the one behind this, but I wonder if he’s responsible for the murders, or does he consider it collatoral entertainment? It hasn’t all come together yet, and probably not next week, but Durarara likes to take a few episodes to set things up and then throw us a doozy episode, and I think one’s coming soon.


Maria the Virgin Witch 8, like most of the other shows around this point in the season, is concentrating on setting up the last big story arc, and that means the bad guys are making their move. This time, Bernard provides some medicine for Anne’s grandma. It works, and so Bernard “proves” to these fictional idiots that Maria’s been poisoning her the whole time. This show has been pretty good at showing individual minor characters thinking for themselves, but they make a misstep here, I think. Meanwhile, Galfa has been put in charge of raping Maria for the good of the church, while the angels above, as usual, don’t show up. Though I do think it means they won’t show up for Bernard when he needs them, either, not that Bernard truly believes in them. Maria herself is getting less fun to watch, reeled in from acting out by both friends and enemies. Oh, and that weird god Cernunnos shows up, but he made even less sense than usual.

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