KanColle 9, Koufuku 8

This is what a destroyer does when she’s remodeled.


Kantai Collection 9 starts about one thing, turns to another thing, then throws a third thing at us before returning to the second thing, which, after the third thing, we had pretty much forgotten about. Yuudachi (poi) starts glowing, so she’s brought in for a remodel and comes out taller and sexier than before, though she’s still sort of an idiot. I figured this remodeling business is like molting and I was trying to avoid overthinking the adolescent sexual overtones the whole thing had, when Fubuki starts to wonder why she, a flagship, isn’t also getting remodeled. Even though she wasn’t glowing.


Even worse for her self-esteem is the fact that Poi is being transferred to the main fleet and Fubuki is being sent back from their outpost (this is the second thing). So we have several scenes of blue funk and hugs and reassurances from the other girls, and it IS curious. And it’s no fun for Fubuki especially because no one knows why. But then the third thing happens, an attack on the naval base and the Admiraal’s disappearance. All they have are his last commands written down, which sends us back to the first thing, or maybe the second. Though I’m more concerned about the bad guys taking the offensive (especially that one we got a close up of this week) than Fubuki and her remodel. Though I wonder if they’re going to boost her legs and bust, like Yuudachi. I bet you they won’t.

Kirin cooks again!
Kirin cooks again!

For its appearance as a “food of the week show,” Koufuku Graffiti 8 actually follows up on the thought last week that Ryou needs to learn to depend on other people for things, that is to say, there is actual character development going on. This week it’s the school athletic festival, where, in anime, almost everyone is either very good at it (Sakaki) or bad (Chiyo-chan). Not surprisingly, Ryou falls into the latter category and enlists Kirin for training, and can’t refuse when Kirin insists on making her a bento as well. Character development aside, the show’s main theme expands slightly this week; it’s not only meals you cook and share with others that are delicious, but also foods cooked for you by someone you love, even if she’s not around when you eat it. I love the point, though it’s stressed a little too hard, that Kirin’s bento is okay, but nothing special, maybe even a little dull, yet Ryou thinks it’s the most delicious bento in the world.

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