Durararax2 9, Aldnoah 21

A great episode of Durarara!!, or Baccano! for that matter, leaves me feeling drunk and giddy. Durarara!! x2 9 left me a little tipsy. Good enough.

Uh, guys, stop it ...
Uh, guys, stop it …

We get, basically, a continuation of the stories from last time. Mikado is still being confronted by Aoba about leading the Blue Squares, Celty, monitoring the situation, is being observed by Varona and that guy, Shizuo is being looked for by Awakusu gang, who thinks he offed those people, and everyone’s looking for Akane, the little girl, who’s still innocently waiting with Anri. Personalities help a lot. Shinra gets a visit from Awakasu folk and has no idea he’s saying too much, bless his heart. Celty, while being helpful and heroic as usual, can become a goofball when her cell phone goes off at the wrong time. The gangsters act like gangsters do, though the smarter ones (as Izaya puts it) have begun to figure out that Shizuo’s not to blame.

Like nothing's going on ... Hey, Zvzeda gets a cameo!
Like nothing’s going on … Hey, Zvzeda gets a cameo!

Nothing’s resolved, of course, but things get entangled. Toramaru’s gang, looking for Mikado, encounter Awakasu members, misinformation is delivered, and there’s a fight. Toramaru’s gang is looking for the leader of the Dollars and learns that it’s Mikado, though he might argue with that. But there’s plenty he doesn’t seem to recognize. Actually, the episode’s weak point is when he does, and we get the voice-over talking about staring into the abyss and things like that, but I can’t connect to that because, mostly, I don’t care. Since the famous phone episode in season one Mikado hasn’t done much but stand on the sideline and gape. The show’s best characters are the other ones. Other than that, it’s another episode of strange encounters between strange and wilful people, and you can’t predict what will happen next, or who will show up, including grannies who clean up murder scenes.

Aldnoah Zero 21 brings up my favorite question again: What the hell is Slaine thinking?


Okay, he’s made his intentions clear to Harklight more than once: he wants to create a new kingdom on Earth, with Vers technology, but before I thought his main motivation was to get Asseylum back. Now that she is, he finds her in his way and has her (and Lemrina) locked up, adding that he really doesn’t care what they think. And even uses the “If I didn’t do it, someone else would have” line. You could say power has corrupted his heart, which is what Asseylum believes after her clever switching of identities with Lemrina (I find the two princesses working together surprising, but completely logical, and it made me snicker), but it might be a stupid move. He can’t depend on either of them to talk to the Empire and placate the knights.

Run for it!
Run for it!

And he might have to do so. The battle on the ground, where three more Kataphract go down, might cause some grumbling among the counts and countesses. The Earth forces story hasn’t changed much at all. They go into a battle, briefly get their asses kicked, until Inaho gets the data he needs, and the tables are turned. The only real change on Earth’s side is the captain’s grumbling that they’re being used as pawns in the battle (yeah, well, this is war), and Inaho’s increasingly painful eye problems. I don’t see anything happening with the former; she’s loyal, after all, and the time hasn’t come for Inaho’s condition to become critical. Give it a couple episodes.

2 thoughts on “Durararax2 9, Aldnoah 21

  1. I think Slaine is beyond redemption already, he’s only sugarcoating his reason to wage war. He wants to create “peace” by using genocide act? Preposterous…

  2. Well, yeah, preposterous, especially since up until recently he has done everything for the sake of Asseylum. His devotion to her was his core. Now he’s lost that, Maybe when Asseylum pointed that gun at him and said he wasn’t the Slaine she once knew it jarred something in his head. Or maybe he thinks he’ll release her when it’s time, and she’ll be thrilled by the new empire he’s built for her.

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