Lie 21, KanColle 10


Your Lie in April 21, after the events at the end of #20, feels partly like a cheap shot. Yes, Kaori had an attack and was in intensive care for a while, and it was hit or miss. But she recovers enough that he and Kousei can spend a little time on the hospital roof eating canales, while its snowing. And she tells him about the surgery. In terms of the story, the only reason for the attack was to send Kousei into another blue funk and stop practicing for the big contest. We are shown images of Takeshi and Emi practicing, in order to get the point across.  So it’s another pep-talk of sorts from Kaori, who’s facing something worse than any of Kousei’s blue funks. She even plays an invisible violin which Kousei somehow manages to hear, before predicatably collapsing.


Then, as usual for these situations, the contest is the same day as the surgery. Cheap plot device aside (and ignoring the fact that both Kousei’s performance and Kaori’s surgery are left unfinished, meaning we could tune in next time and watch one or the other go disasterously wrong … argh), it’s actually one of the better scenes. Kousei’s performance is less fiery but maybe more informed and mature than the others, and this time he not only thinks of Kaori, but realizes that there are a lot of people in the hall who are rooting for him, who are a part of his life and musical recovery. Whether that will make a difference in the scoring … who cares. Don’t know if Kousei does. He’s now got more important things to play for.

How’s the training going, Fubuki?


Kantai Collection 10 had me confused for most of the episode. First, Fubuki was sent back to the main base to get remodeled. But then when she gets there it’s all about training hard so they’ll remodel her. Weren’t they going to do that anyway? So she’s running countless laps and nearly getting killed in a recon mission to gain more strength, and I’m scratching my head. Then the question of why Fubuki was so important to the still-missing commander comes up, and everyone, I mean everyone, doesn’t know. She tries hard, but … And then Akagi and the other carrier nearly kill her in training to see if she’s up for escorting her, and she finally gets it right after a dozen tries. I’m not sure I’d want her as my escort vessel, myself. But at least we get an answer to the remodeling question: you have to glow first.

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