Durararax2 10, Maria 9, Saekano 10

No!  Run away Akane!
No! Run away Akane!

Durarara!! has so many characters and so many plot balls to juggle now that in order to keep them all interesting and not ignore anyone (though they still do) that in x2 10. each plot-ball only gets a little nudge. Like a lot of episodes, this one starts with some narration and background, this time from Akane the little girl. Pretty straightforward, though I cringed when Namie and Izaya entered her story. Then as usual, the show gets bored with narration and moves on. In the meantime, Akane got from the ride from Shooter to that garage and the talk with Celty. That’s about it.

That's never mattered in this show.
That’s never mattered in this show.

Other things seem frozen or backtracked as well. We go back, or to now (I don’t know anymore), and watch Kyohei continue their talk from 2-3 episodes ago, then agree to go to a place and duke it out. We don’t see the battle, just hear a bit of it (don’t worry, they’ll be at it next week, and possibly the week after), while we move on to the aftermath of Aoba’s gang’s fight, Shinra still talking with that gangster (Hollywood might be the new suspect in the murders), Masaomi bitching over the phone to Izaya about Mikado’s involvement in all this, and some people plan to kidnap a friend of a character I can’t remember. However, I would like to thank the person who took that picture and sent it to everyone. When people received it, you knew that they were more or less at the same point in time. Rather good anchor, that.


Maria the Virgin Witch has ramped up nicely. That kid who was put in charge of the inquisition decides to rush Maria’s execution so she can’t regain her powers in time, meaning there’s going to be a burning the next morning. Meanwhile, the French army starts bombarding the British forces. But we start with Viv, spouting her best lines yet, going against Michel, who can only mutter something about how far above it all they are, using a wheat and scythe analogy. That leaves the debate floor clear for Viv to say that God is incapable of love. I think that one actually got to Michel, as he overreacts (Viv pointed a weapon toward the heavens, or something like that, is his excuse), and that battle’s over.


More time is devoted to the preparations for battle, with Joseph running everywhere being useless and deciding to fight in order to get glory for Maria, though I don’t trust his old man. Besides, as I said, Maria’s getting burned next day anyway. More practical help is coming from the familiars, of course, the still-injured viv, and, this episode’s sleeper, Edwina, who claims she doesn’t have the right powers to stop the burning, but in that case what was that glorious if clumsy attack she pulls off? It made me smile. Meanwhile, Maria is perhaps rightly wondering why she did all the things she did if she’s just going to have the townspeople turn on her, while I was thinking she ought to trust her simpler instincts and continue as before. Finally, I wonder if Bernard is truly out of the picture yet …

The reconciliation isn't going according to the script.
The reconciliation isn’t going according to the script.

In Saekano 9 we have to reconcile Tomoya and Eriri. The former was obtuse and the latter childish … well, it was sort of rude. Artistic egos need to be stroked and not ignored. So Tomoya and Utaha (with Megumi making dry asides) concoct a God-Only-Knows style plan to whisk Eriri away from a party so that things can get romantic. It wasn’t going well for Tomoya (Eriri’s stubborn) or for us (dull) until Tomoya loses his cool and tells her what he REALLY thinks about her. Painful childhood memories are dredged up, we get outrage on both sides, and we at home realize that this previous little snit is just another chapter in a long relationship painful to both of them. And it worked. Eriri decides to keep working and improve in order to show him who’s better. I think appealing to Eriri’s pride and anger was the best strategy from the start.

2 thoughts on “Durararax2 10, Maria 9, Saekano 10

  1. The longer I watch Maria the more I feel that most of the people at that time is badly uneducated, or maybe thoroughly brainwashed by their landlord to do their biddings… Glad we didn’t live in that age.

    Anyway, I’ve watched earlier episodes of SaeKano but decided to hold it off since I felt sorry for all the harem’s heroines… I wanted to pick it up again but still worried wether it’ll contain a lot of heart broken drama or not.I really liked the premise of artistic circle but the dense male lead somehow rubs me the wrong way..

    1. Well, yeah, the people in Maria’s time couldn’t read or write, thoroughly uneducated and easy to lead for anyone who appears more powerful than them, which makes me wonder about us in our time and what we’re blindingly following.

      I don’t mind Tomoya that much. He has good reaction lines and a sense of irony. So does Megumi, though she doesn’t appear to be aware of it.

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