New shows: Spring 2015 #4

The new Kiniro Mosaic starts with an appopriate pastoral scene.
The new Kiniro Mosaic starts with an appropriate pastoral scene.

We’ll start this post with Hello! Kiniro Mosaic,  If we’re going to have a cute-girls-doing-cute-things series, not that I’m against them, I wish they’d give us more Is the Order a Rabbit!, but I guess there’s nothing wrong with this show.  Just a little dull, and these high school girls really ought to be in middle school, but whatever.

It’s a new school year, and Shino and Alice are in different classes, which makes them act sad.  This goes on for a while.  Then it’s Karen’s misadventures with her new homeroom teacher, Kuzehashi-sensei, who acts kind of scary but is actually rather nice.  The girls follow her about, looking for dirt.  Then they start following Shino around to learn more about her.  This is Alice’s idea.  You’d think living together, sleeping in the same room, going to the same school, and meeting on breaks and at lunch, would give her plenty of information, but no.  The other girls help out for even less fathomable reasons.  Altogether a cheerful and dull first episode, like before.  Though it does feel livelier than last season.  Not less dull, just more lively.

Rainy Cocoa starts with the protagonist and some credits.
Rainy Cocoa starts with the protagonist and some credits.

A short one next, called Ameiiro cocoa, about four guys working or hanging out at a coffee shop.  They sort of insult each other for a minute or two.
rainycocoa1-1It stops right when a new guy walks in.  Only two minutes long.  Not really worth it.  Because we all know there can only be ONE two-minute short show that’s worth our time, right?  And here it comes!

Rarely does the opening second sum up the series so well.
Rarely does the opening second sum up a series so well.

Teekyuu! season four!  At long last!  THE GREATEST SERIES EVER has returned!  I can finally dry my eyes!!  ANIME IS SAVED!!

I didn't know that!
I didn’t know that!

In this episode we meet a new character, an alien girl, who gets a tour of the school from the other girls.  And I estimate one gag every 3.2 seconds, which is an excellent start.  Now I have a reason to live again!

A typical Japanese suburban house.
A typical Japanese suburban house.

What?  There’s more?  A SPINOFF?!  This could only mean Nirvana!  Takamiya Nasuno Desu features Nasuno, Teekyuu’s rich girl, as she recruits a guy named Yona to be her butler.
Nasunob1-14.28 seconds per gag.  Not impressive compared to Teekyuu’s opening, but it’s a first episode and have to establish characters and backstory, so I’ll cut it some slack.  All right, I’m done with shorts for now.

The starry night doesn't really describe the story.
The starry night doesn’t really describe the story.

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku stars Eruna, a blithering idiot who hasn’t decided what high school to join yet, until her cousin shows her the brochure for the one he’s going to, and she falls for the cute uniform, or rather, for one cute girl wearing the uniform.  The entrance exams and interview (with a flying cat she calls Bimii) seemed set up for her to pass, well, Bimii says that the ability to see him means she’s passed.  On her first day she learns she has to join a club, and that the clubs do battles for more space and better food, and oh, by the way, the cute girl has Eruna join her club, and there’s a battle next week she has to win.  Welcome to Mikagura Academy!
mikagura1-1Not bad.  We don’t really know how the school and the battles work yet.  We only meet a bunch of characters from different clubs.  None of them really got me interested, but Eruna is a good mix of stupidity, sloth, lust, and genki.  And while the series plays as a comedy, the opening scene has a scene where a girl flees from a guy, who then does something to her with a bunch of lights.  A battle, we presume, but it’s much darker in tone than the rest of the episode, and suggests that the series might be more than just Eruna drooling at things.  Worth another episode.

KyoAni didn't have to go far for location shots.
KyoAni didn’t have to go far for location shots.

Kyoto Animation’s Hibike! Euphonium has Kumiko entering high school, with the cherry blossoms and everything, and is serenaded by the school’s brass band, which, she points out, sucks.  Geez, even Yui was more polite, though I recall Chiaki’s first line in Nodama Contabile was “He sucks.”  Turns out Kumiko loves the euphonium.  Her two new friends, Hazuki and Sapphire, want to join, and it’s clear Kumiko wants to as well, but that would mean working with a trumpeter named Reina, with whom she had a falling out during a previous band concert award result.  Reina was upset that they didn’t advance in the competition, Kumiko was only mildly disappointed.  The episode is spent following Kumiko around, watching her as she stares into space, meeting various characters, and impatiently waiting for her to decide to join the club after all.

Kumiko, on the right, discovers that Reina, foreground, is in her school.
Kumiko, on the right, discovers that Reina, foreground, is in her school.

I’ll probably watch Hibike! Euphonium through to the end simply because it’s KyoAni, but I wasn’t smitten with episode one.  It had the usual production values and all, but it was more subdued than I expected, almost somber.  It always seems to be cloudy there, the classrooms are all a dull grey, even their uniforms are a boring brown.  The pace is slower than I expected, and there was less of a sense of fun that you normally get with KyoAni shows.  So in tone I would compare it to Hyouka, but even that had Houtarou’s hallucinations to brighten things up.  And how interesting is it going to be when many of the big scenes are going to be of a brass band playing?  They just sit there and blow.  Still, it’s KyoAni we’re talking about here.

Another opening bit that doesn't say much about will follow.
Another misleading opening shot.

Now, back to a silly show.  Triage X starts with some people planning an attack, which we then see carried out pretty much as planned, except the main assault guy, Arashi, talks about removing cancers from society, and also hands the cancer/victim a gun by which he can commit suicide. unconventional even for a group of people using medical terminology to justify their killing.  Later we see Arashi’s mundane high school life, including a nice girl who likes him, and then a phone call and back to the murdering.
triagex1-1It’s done by the guy who did Highschool of the Dead, so two things are a given: women with ridiculously big boobs and a nasty “ends justifiy the means” mindset.  That the mindset is masked by medical metaphors makes it disgusting and a little ridiculous.  It makes them all sound like a bunch of cultists , all following that old guy who can’t say a single sentence that doesn’t convince me that he’s completely insane.  Yet they follow him anyway.  The boobs and other kinkiness, and there is a lot of kinkiness here, those things I can handle, but the rest of it I can’t take seriously enough to watch.  If I want silly violence there are already two better shows this season I’ve watched for that.

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