Nisekoi 2-3, Pleiades 3, DanMachi 4

Still catching up.  Let’s see how Nisekoi is holding up …
nisekoi22-1I understand that if the anime follows the manga we’re going to have a lot of new characters to play with.  Episode 2 starts it out with a look at Paula, another assassin, who comes in to figure out why Tsumugi has lost her edge, and, well, other things.  Not much to it all.  Shaft puts their trademark style to work and it’s entertaining enough.  And it’s good to see that Tsumugi hasn’t lost her edge at all, especially since it allows Shaft to get crazy with her look.
nodekoi3-1Episode 3 is a little better.  We meet Chitoge’s formidable mom, who seems to forget Chitoge even exists except for her annual christmas visit.  Raku is dragged into being her personal secretary and is put through hell, but spends one of his few break moments on the phone with Chitoge to suggest she ask her mom for some quality time, while we also know that she does care a little, since this secretary ruse is really a test to see if Raku’s fit to be Chitoge’s boyfriend..  I kept looking at the clock, expecting this to be wrapped up in this half-hour, but instead we’ll have to wait another week for Raku to talk some sense into the woman, most likely at the expense of a limb or two.  Apart from that the episode is predictable and businesslike, and unfortunately the mom isn’t all that fun a character.  All she does is step on people.

The less loopy of the loopy speeches given this week.
The less loopy of the loopy speeches given this week.
Down! DOWN!

Houkago no Pleiades 3 finishes up a story arc, I think.  Basically, they manage to mount a defense against Minato, if that’s his name, and take a fragment or two for themselves.  This happens after another defeat and pep talks from both their alien overlord, and Suburu’s father, using, appropriately enough, a car parts metaphor, though why he’s spreading defective parts around on the coffee table is beyond me.  The alien babbles on about timelines and how being bad at their job is one potential they have, or something.  Both speeches were nutty, no surprise for this show.
But things get fun after that.  The girls perfect a ship-parts shower predicting method and get to the fragment, and then the blonde girl, out of the blue, kicks Minato’s butt a little.  But the fragment falls into the ocean.  No problem!  These magical girls are amphibious!  They just have to switch to swimsuits.  So down they go, into the depths of an underwater trench, not realizing that Minato has snuck his way into their circle!  Well, it’s dark down there.  If that wasn’t fun enough for you, the fragment gets scared or something and suddenly there’s a waterspout, they get blown up or something, and then, still wearing swimsuits, they’re in SPAAACE!

Like I said: SPAAACE!
And then UP!  UP!  Into  SPAAACE!

Admiring the constellations above and the aurora borealis below!  The perfect time for Aoi to deliver a strong lecture to Minato before taking the fragment down to earth.  Whoa, going underwater was fun and crazy enough, but then to be in space?  This show isn’t really much, but it’s possibly the trippiest of the season.
danmachi4-1DanMachi 4, meanwhile, having finished its opening arc, now starts to let the side characters trickle in, the first being Liliruca, a supporter, which apparently means bag-carrier and Look-out-behind-you-er, and she’s a thieving one, which everyone seems to know (her familia has a reputation), but when she’s cornered (twice in this episode) with loot, she shows her ears off and everyone looks at her suspiciously and exits.  I don’t want to know.  Anyway, she pairs up with the guileless Bell, steals that magic knife (which isn’t so magical if Bell isn’t wielding it), gets caught red-handed, etc.  Bell is either too nice or two stupid to know what’s going on.  Well, since he’s being nice to her he’ll probably reform her soon enough, though “tame” might be the better word.

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