Kekkai Sensen and Yuki-Chan 4, Sidonia2 3, Teekyuu 39-40

Kekkai Sensen has an eccentric way of doing things.


In episode 4 we get a great introduction to the latest threat in a party scene, everyone hanging around and doing their things, until Leo does a “by the way, I saw …” bit, and all attention is suddenly pointed at him. So they bring in a specialist named Lucky Abrams, whose luck means bad luck to everyone around him, with lots of explosions. Fun guy. He gives his spiel about thirteen elders who cannot be normally seen, though as the episode continues, we and the good guys can see them just fine. As for Abrams, he doesn’t do much after a visit to (checks notes) Yggdrashiad Central Station, right above the hole of Hellsalem’s lot, where Leo see far more than thirteen of them.

Klaus can see them just fine.
Klaus can see them just fine.

And the main action, after Leo’s depression view over the railing, is the battle between two Elders, and Steven and KK, who get their butts kicked, but then Klaus leaps down and rather easily subdues one of the baddies by naming her (elders HATE that). How he got her name we don’t know. Maybe Leo saw it while looking at that severed hand and before he blacked out, but the show doesn’t explain. Also, what happened to the other baddie? I really ought to get used to that if I’m going to watch this show. Sometimes they’re going to just leave stuff out, like plot. Oh, and are vampires the same as elders? I thought so at first, but now I’m not so sure.

Your usual Valentines Day episode scene.
Your usual Valentines Day episode scene.

In spite of all the good feelings I have for the franchise, I’m getting close to dropping the Disappearance of Yuki-Nagato. Episode 4 brings us Valentines Day, and it’s below average. First, Yuki is such a passive character that she has to be shepherded by Asakura at very step, from the actual baking to the plan to get alone with Kyon. And of course it’s a disaster because Haruhi beats her to the chocolate giving. Also, as feared, Haruhi dominates every scene she’s in, not to mention dominating the other characters, especially poor Yuki. And now Haruhi might be taking Kyon away, though I don’t think her motives are sinister. And finally, Yuki herself is dull and passive. I mentioned how Asakura has to prod her. When that’s not happening, Tsuruya is teasing her, or both dominant girls are. I keep hoping, begging even, for a bit of reality to break down, something not natural, like Asakura trying to kill Kyon, or glowing giants. Anything.


Knights of Sidonia 2 episode 3 wanders around for a while, giving us little glimpses of the ongoing intrigue (maybe not the best word for a mass assassination), Lala the bear’s wondering about it all, Yuhata wondering about Tsumugi, Tsumugi ooing over a picture of a kitty, Nagate experiencing some fanservice, assault, and tsundere moves by the recovered En Honoka, a view of a anti-chimera demonstration, the whole episode going nowhere, really, until they spot a huge mother gauna with hundreds of the little bastards inside, or rather, the gauna spots THEM. Then the show gets gripping again.

If this were Pleiades, we'd hear squealing brakes.
If this were Pleiades, we’d hear squealing brakes.

Tsumugi is given permission to sortie while the pilots hop into their craft, only to learn that this gauna is as sneaky as the others. We learn about one of Tsumugi’s flaws: she can’t stop on a dime, and there she goes into a big ring of gauna, contracting in on her … and then we don’t know. Neither do the human pilots who are racing to her aid. I scrunched up closer to my monitor, looking forward to another excellent Sidonia battle … but the episode ended. Damn! They wasted so much time on that other stuff that I have to wait a week! On the other hand, this should be a great battle, and episode 4 was the first season’s highlight, their throwdown episode. Maybe they’re saving up something.


How could I have fallen two episodes behind with Teekyuu?! Anyway, episode 39 has a gag count of 3.6, still in good shape. I’m beginning to wonder if the show is using technology to speed up the lines. They seem even faster than before. No one can talk that fast. They are breaking a physical law or something! Is there nothing this show can’t do?!!?

Episode 40 slips to a 3.75 ratio, which is still very good. I think they spent too many seconds on the shooting star sequence.


4 thoughts on “Kekkai Sensen and Yuki-Chan 4, Sidonia2 3, Teekyuu 39-40

  1. The male vampire was squashed to oblivion by Klaus as he slammed down onto the floor, right before he confronted the female vampire. Don’t blame you for missing it. You see the second vampire’s face for a grand total of 8 frames. If you blink, you’ll miss it.

    • Thanks! But it makes me wonder. Not only can Klause see the girl vampire, but we learn that they can be squished? These aren’t the formidable creatures the characters make them out to be.

  2. Apparently, the manga is more normal in how it explains the story to its readers, and many of your questions are answered there. But the anime is its own animal, and assumes that we all have the Eyes of God when it comes to catching every little detail, no matter how brief and cryptic. Sometimes, the anime seems to omit explanations altogether. I’m not sure whether this is a stylistic choice or a compromise born from having too few episodes.

  3. Possibly they turned a time-compromise into a stylistic choice. Anyway, I don’t mind too much when the series is as entertaining as this one.

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