Nisekoi2 4, Yuki-chan and Show by Rock 5, Teekuu 41

This is actually a good thing, but ...
This is actually a good thing, but …

Nisekoi 2 4 wraps up the Mom arc using utterly predictable story and character bits filtered through Shaft’s usual weirdness, which makes it palatable but not terribly good.  Basically, Raku works his butt off to free up some time for Hana to be with Chitoge in that hotel room.  Then comes the inevitable pleading, discussion (Hana DOES care for her, of course) and the expected mad chase using limos and bicycles, to get Chitoge to the airport before Hana flies away, followed by crying and hugging and nice mother/daughter time.  What makes it watchable is the show’s sense of humor–the returning plane nearly clobbers Raku and Chitoge.  The rest of the gang thinks the two were doing illicit things, and Hana’s head-tilt as she finally leaves.  Oh, some plot about that locket, but that hardly matters anymore.
I don’t know if there were any new twists to the Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan 5 or not, but it too was more agreeable than I feared.  Yuki runs out of the room in panic, Asakura and Haruhi (and later, Kyon) run off to find her.  They do, and the situation is nicely dispatched.  But a couple of things make it interesting.  One is Haruhi’s surprising sensitivity to the situation, once she figures out what it is.  She still acts like the Haruhi we know but she isn’t blind or unsympathetic.  Though, frankly, if she had only pointed out to Yuki that hers were courtesy chocolates we could have cleared up the mess a lot sooner.  And we also get the sense from Haruhi that, for all of her confidence, she might actually have trouble confessing to the boy she loves.  And finally, I wonder if Kyon’s White-Day gift of identical sweets for both girls was an attempt to mess with their minds.  Either way, I’ve decided I might keep this show after all.
Show by Rock! 5 is a strange, downer sort of episode where Tsurezurenaru etc get attacked by a dark monster, and we get other reports of band members disappearing.  And ChuChu overhears Cyan’s guitar telling her they must fight the monsters, though ChuChu is more surprised at the guitar talking.  And there’s a big new bands competition that Plasamagica will play in.  We expect the monster to attack that concert, but instead they attack another one.  Cyan races off to fight the monster (deserting her own band) only to find the battle finished, and when she gets back to her concert, it’s over and they didn’t get to play.  It’s like the show is avoiding showing us anything interesting.  Plus the girls are worried, hurt, pissed off that Cyan left them.  Well, the secret had to come out sometime, I guess.

Words of wisdom by Marimo.
Words of wisdom from Marimo.

Teekyuu! 41 is a beach episode and has a 3.6 SPG (seconds per gag) ratio, not their best.  They took too much time (maybe three seconds) with the holding your breath underwater bit, and the boob-fondling.

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