Quickly: Euphonium and Mikagura 5

Quick, because I don’t have much time.  I might be later than usual with my posts for the next week …

Hibike! Euphonium 5 …  I dunno.  Half of it was information, how the band is organized how to march, the little chores they all have to do, uniforms, truck loading, and half of it was getting nervous about performing, especially the marching part, when their performance is sandwiched between two of the top bands in the region.  Happily, they actually show the performance rather than delaying until next week, and they do turn a few heads, in a “Hey, they don’t suck” kind of way.  Of course, we see most of this via Fumiko, so we get another awkward but rewarding chat with Reina, as well as one with an old classmate who’s now going to one of the “good” schools.  I wondered a little what the “blue demon” girl thought of Fumiko saying she wanted a fresh start, but there she is, in the band, with a euphonium, just like before, and why Reina chose the same school …

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku 5 starts out as a … well, I was going to say “lighthearted,” but it’s always that.  Maybe not much pressure as last week.  Oh, Eruna fights another battle, but it’s apparently so inconsequential that they don’t bother to show it.  Instead, much time is spent watching Eruna and the flying kitty go around the festival booths, eating too much octopus, having a good time, meeting various friends.  An odd scene that seemed to be going in one direction but instead went in another, in front of Minatogawa’s shooting booth, demonstrating both the kid’s desperation for company and his inability to let precious toys go away.  Meanwhile Eruna is as cheerfully stupid as ever, the primary reason I’m watching, I should add.  Only at the end was there anything “serious,” as Akama is beaten rather cruelly by a girl from the band, so I’m guessing she’s Eruna’s next opponent.

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