Pleiades 5, Yuki-chan 6

A typical "making a school play costume" scene.
A typical “making a school play costume” scene.

Houkago no Pleiades 5 keeps up the level of weirdness I expect from this series.  They start with a Aoi stuck being the prince in the school play, and Itsuki as the princess, but Aoi suddenly switches gears and becomes a mad seamstress to make costumes.  The play they’re doing, by the way, is a strange fairy tale (why are so many of the school plays we see fairy tales?) about a princess whose words become reality, meaning she gets banished to a tower for saying the word “lion,” as princesses often do, and then disappears before the prince can rescue her.  And this is tied in with Itsuki’s refusal to be assertive about anything because of an accident she caused as a child which hurt no one but herself.

Girls!  Stop punching holes in Saturn's rings!
Girls! Stop punching holes in Saturn’s rings!

But that’s not enough for this show.  A new engine fragment appears in the rings of Saturn!  So off they go, passing planets which remind them of food.  Minato shows up, of course (oh, we had a greenhouse scene of course, where dreams and wishes are discussed, and it has something to do with Itsuki) to mess with them.  Magical girl physics are used to draw the fragment to them and to punch multiple holes in the rings … I didn’t really get that.  And finally Itsuki gets assertive.  Then it’s back to the school play, which, really can’t live up to traipsing around Saturn’s rings.  They ought to spend more time in space.  Those scenes allow the creators to show off some nice animation yet still be silly as all getout.

One of many misunderstandings in this episode.
One of many misunderstandings in this episode.

In The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan 6 we get another throwback to the original series, that is, Yuki’s famous speed-talking, used in the original series when Yuki was shutting down Asakura when she went rogue, and used in this show as Yuki’s way of answering a difficult math question.  Otherwise, apart from Haruhi’s little triangle-thing, there were no serious overtones in this episode, only randomness.  We get Kyon looking for someone to tutor him in math, Mikuru flying tits-first onto Kyon’s head (and it is never explained), followed by a flashback of a similar incident between the two.  There’s a math-off between Asakura and Haruhi, and two misunderstandings involving Yuki and Kyon.  A lot of misunderstandings in this episode, really, none of them of any consequence, which is a good thing sometimes.  Also, thank god for Kyon.  If he wasn’t around this episode could have been dismal indeed.

2 thoughts on “Pleiades 5, Yuki-chan 6

  1. Yuki chan is kinda slow but slightly entertaining in a weird calm way (?) Never expected anything too dramatized to happen since a couple eps back then. Though I actually never watch the original Haruhi, watching this made me want to watch it, in that sense it’s good promotion lol.

  2. I think it’s interesting that you enjoy the show without having seen the original. It must be doing something right. That said, I would recommend the original series, but please watch it in broadcast date order!

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