Sidonia2 5, BBB and DanMachi 6, Nasuno Desu! 5


Sidonia scenery porn.
Sidonia scenery porn.

I didn’t think Knights of Sidonia 2 5 would have much crazy action, since last week’s episode’s had enough for two (four if you think of most other shows), and besides, there are bodies to heal and intrigue to be done … Okay, not much intrigue either.  Mostly it’s Nagate and Izana worrying about Tsumugi, who’s only ten percent of her original self.  Happily, she heals fast, and it’s not long before she and her cute tentacle are back to ooing over kitties (a real one this time, well thanks to the CG it looks stuffed, but they added cat noises to reassure us), and Nagate is having dirty dreams about Hoshijiro.  The closest thing to a crisis is Sidonia undergoing a deceleration gravity shift while Nagate and Izana are creeping up and down (or sideways) shafts.  And then there’s the ending bit.  I forgot that when Sidonia isn’t being absolutely thrilling, or creepy and sinister, it can lapse into bad high school romcom.

Kekkai Sensen 6 doesn’t try to hit a home run either, but instead tells a cute tale about Leo’s friendship with Nej, a mushroom sort of guy who loves burgers but for reasons I can’t understand, won’t go to buy them himself.  Oh, there’s a secret about Nej’s past to be revealed, and bad guys who try to use this secret for their own ends, but the baddies are small-time and incompetent, and Nej’s secret isn’t really dangerous, just inconvenient for everyone, including himself.  No crazy chases or light shows this week.  Leo doesn’t get to do much except bond with the little fellow (wonder if we’ll ever see him again) and be around when the big stuff happens, which I think is his real super-ability.  Oh, and a bit of over arcing plot at the end concerning White (Ghost girl) and her brother, Black, who’s that blonde vampire guy.  And so, both the big shows of the season take a little rest.

Well, that's Bell for you.
Well, that’s Bell for you.

As for DanMachi 6, this whole Liliruca business confuses me a little, no, a lot.  She wants money to leave the Familia, she says.  I assume that’s the Soma Familia, one that worships not a god but a powerful drink, so basically they’re alcoholics.  She’s being targeted by adventurers who are on to her con game, who are not the people she owes money to.  Or maybe they are.  Anyway, she steals that magic sword again, even though she already knows that without Bell it has no magic.  And I don’t understand why Bell is so quick to forgive her.  Well, I actually do: he’s stupid that way.  That’s why we get all the “I saved you because you’re you,” lines at the end.  These made me cringe, but they made up for it with Lili’s impassioned cries of disbelief that he’s that trusting.  And what’s with that business by the fountain at the end, when he asks her to be his supporter?  I thought the whole point of the episode was that she already was.

I learn SO MUCH from this show!
I learn SO MUCH from this show!

Takamiya Nasuno Desu! 5 (last week’s) had a 3.33 SPG average.  Not bad, but they lost a precious couple of seconds with Nasuno’s begging bit.  Every moment counts, guys!

2 thoughts on “Sidonia2 5, BBB and DanMachi 6, Nasuno Desu! 5

  1. Nej can’t buy it himself since in that burger shop they don’t serve non-human, because serving non-human may affecting human to feel reluctant to buy it there (as much as I gotten used to seing monster I probably won’t be able to eat comfortably with some person with monstrous appearance in my sight). It was mentioned briefly in the dialogue..

    And for danmachi in the beginning it was her parents that was part of Soma Familia, and to leave a Familia she needs money to bought her freedom. For the guy who rob her, some of those people are fellow Soma familia members who set her up for her money savings. Rather than family bonding like other familia does, Soma familia often betray their own familia members to increase their ranking in the familia. Those in the higher rank enjoy some better privilege than lower one. (basically you stole high ranker fortune means their rank will drop drastically and yours rises up)

    At the end it was Lily was supposed to be sure that Bell won’t need her service again since she has already betrayed him, she thought being saved for the last time was enough for her, but Bell being naive Bell he just ignore the whole incident and kinda wanted to start fresh. (these part was monologue in the book, they ommitted it because time constrain)

  2. I should have caught that about Nej and the burger place, but Lili’s troubles have been poorly explained to us. That said, I’m surprised no one has stepped in to stop the Soma familia, or at least break up its destructive hierarchy of who’s the most desperate addict. Still don’t buy that final scene by the fountain. To me it was redundant; and I thought Bell basically rehired her during the previous, tearful scene.

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