Mikagura, Pleiades and Nasuno-desu 7, Yuki-chan 8

The show gets another weirdo.
The show gets another weirdo.

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku 7 introduces Otone, the girl who ruthlessly defeats Asuhi in the rookie finals.  A monotone girl who seems cruelly indifferent to everything and everyone, turns out she’s a flake, and a bigger one than Eruna.  Eruna has the attention span of a gnat, but the motivations behind these swings are easily grasped, usually lust, concern for friends, food, and lust.  But with Otone, we don’t know how her mind works, and she doesn’t either.  In her conversation with Eruna she laments her shyness, accuses Eruna of being a demon, and praises herself for growing up into a girl whom demons would go for, then thanks her late mother for it.  Even Eruna thinks she’s weird.  But does the show need another really weird character with a short attention span?

Everybody's happy.
Everybody’s happy.

Because this show is often as weird as the characters, once it introduces Otone it forgets about her while the gang prepare a “cheer up Arushi” party, which thanks to misplaced notes, Eruna believes is a challenge to fight, even though she thought up the party herself.  And so we almost get a fight this week (loved Minatogawa’s “uh, okay, whatever” reaction), but the right people intervene by showing up, and we get a totally predictable party scene, the only spice being Otone’s odd comment to Seisa at the end.

Nagato Yuki-chan 8 continues the mostly uneventful, almost lazy expedition to the hot spring.  About the only notable thing is Koizumi coming on to Kyon in the bath, giving us the “you’re too close” line.  In other references, Koizumi wants to play that game, Mikuru sings one of her character songs in karaoke, and there’s that chauffeur.  Like the last episode, the events move slowly and are playful and a little dull: the hot spring, ping pong, the dinner, all the traditional traditional inn scenes.  Oh, the bath has a little “matchmaking” so that girls can peek at the boys, which leads to some moments of embarrassment even though no one uses it much.  The episode pays as much attention to Kyon as to Yuki (who’s too blissed out by the inn’s offerings to do anything dramatic except try that little door once), which is a good thing.

Minato?  Who, me?
Minato? Who, me?

More weirdness from Houkado no Pleiades 7.  First, Suburu takes up gardening, maybe because of the greenhouse that only she can visit and doesn’t seem tobe around anymore.  However, there is a new student, instantly recognizable as Minato, also tending the plants, though he doesn’t appear to recognize her.  In the meantime, Aoi tries to find out what’s been up with Suburu recently and suddenly runs off, cursing herself for not changing.  I don’t really understand, but apparently the two girls have had another falling out.  And flashbacks to the girls in elementary school trying to find a Ursa Minor keychain that Suburu lost, and which contradict each other …  But never mind, there’s another fragment to catch.  This one is in a comet!  Heading into the SUN!!
The alien overlord tries to conjecture how the fragment got in a comet, and all we really get is that it became one when it got coated with ice.  Not in any astronomy textbook I know, but never mind.  Soon the girls are trying to reel the thing in while avoiding solar flares and Horned Cape, and settle their latest, highly confusing dispute.  They both agree that they didn’t hold each other back, or leave each other behind, and later we see that there are two keychains, one from each reality, I suppose, though why did Suburu give Aoi the keychain in one reality and not the other?  Finally, Minato recognizes Suburu after she tells him that he is him.  You see, “Suburu is Suburu and Aoi is Aoi no matter what” was the main thrust of the girls reconciliation, so it makes sense.  When something makes sense in this show, you have to take note of it.

Another useful fact brought to you by Takamiya Nasuno desu!.
Another useful fact that has nothing to do with the story, brought to you by Takamiya Nasuno desu!.

Finally, in Takamiya Nasuno Desu! 7, Nasuno, Yota, and whats-her-name go to a pretty crappy amusement park.  It had a couple of slow, no-gag moments, but rallied for a SPG of 3.33, better than Teekyuu’s this week!

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