Quick nines: Yuki-chan, DanMachi

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan 9 finishes the aimless arc and immediately sets up a new one, but since I don’t see any desperate hospital bed scenes I figure the next week won’t be that emotional.  Meanwhile, in this visit to the inn, we have more of the usual inn scenes with two of them standing out.  First, a nice bit between Asakura and Haruhi about what would happen to Asakura’s friendship if Yuki and Kyon did start dating, and the other a nice little moment or two with Kyon and Yuki which doesn’t really do much to the story but shows the friendship growing, along with Yuki acting cute, a starry night, and Claire de Lune.  Also notable was Asakura’s weird fantasy earlier, an unfolding of romantic events that the show made us think was real.  When reality came back it was almost like Haruhi was still a god and resetting something in reality.
I kept wondering who that redheaded guy was in the ED of Danmachi, and today the show gets around to introducing him as Welf Crozzo, apparently a member of a disgraced smith clan, and a black sheep of that group as well.  It looked for a while like, in spite of his prominent position in the ED, that he would be another bad character who’s going to take advantage of rising star Bell, and to a certain extent he is.  He needs allies and a good party to join.  On the other hand, he’s more or less upfront about this and seems genuinely flattered that Bell likes his armor so much.  And his reaction when Lili was in danger wasn’t one of a schemer; he was genuinely worried about a girl who had made it clear that she didn’t like or trust him.  I’m sure we’ll get some bad stuff out of him, or his clan, soon enough.  I don’t quite buy his reasons for not making magic items, and what happened to his clan in the first place?  But for now he seems like a suitable foil for Bell.

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