Mikagura and Pleiades 9, Yuki-chan 10

She almost loses, and she doesn't have a club.
She almost loses, and she doesn’t have a club.

So the situation currently in Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku is that Eruna needs one more member to form a club, but just can’t get one.  Midway through, we find out that the only other member, Otone, being something of a celebrity, has attracted interested people, but she has driven them away.  When Eruna sees this and asks why, Otone says she doesn’t want others getting in the way of their friendship, because Eruna is the only fried she has.  Eruna, who is a blithering idiot but perceptive at important moments, doesn’t state the obvious, that more members means more potential friends for Otone.  Instead, she simply announces she won’t recruit more members … but that means she can’t have a club.  Not that she seems to realize this.  There’s a meaningless fight with a newspaper club girl over a potential clubroom which is there primarily to show how close Otone and Eruna have become, and then the matter is sneakily solved by Bimi, but I don’t know why Eruna doesn’t simply invite Seisa (who’s jealous and lonely) to join.  Or just join the drama club.  Every time she does stuff with them she has a blast.  Well, I do find Eruna’s indifference to reality and her kindness rather appealing, not to mention her dirty mind.

It looked at first like Houkago no Pleiades 9 was going to ignore the cosmic mind-messing for once.  It’s festival time and the girls decide that since they’re technically a cosplay club, maybe they ought to make some costumes, while Suburu decides to make a planetarium for her one-person club, with Minato helping as a favor.  The thought of Suburu and Minato together in a dark room sets the other girls into a tizzy.  Nope, no interplanetary trips today …  So I thought.

I thought wrong.
I thought wrong.

Turns out Minato is a magician of sorts, and he decides to take stargazing Suburu out on a trip even farther than last week.  They start at Betelgeuse.  They’re just floating there.  Minato acts as an intergalactic (yes, intergalactic) tour guide and gives us and Suburu a talk about what she’s seeing, just like Suburu did before, when she was practicing for her planetarium demo.  How did they get there?  Well, Minato’s a magician, and at the moment they’re not in their old time and space, or the new one, either, and, by the way, they won’t be able to remember any of this because of the speed of light or something, didn’t catch that bit.  This brings up a “Is it worth seeing something if you won’t remember it?” question,  But before they can discuss that potentially interesting or boring topic, Suburu recalls a childhood memory about meeting a boy in the hospital … guess who?  They’re at the Pleiades now, by the way, the perfect time to steal a kiss, but the scene fades out and they’re back in the astronomy club room, Suburu crying, and she doesn’t know why.  It was a sweet and lovely scene, not to mention Pleiades-worthy nutty, and so I’m saddened by the bit after that, when the fragments act up and Minato does a heel turn.  Well, it was going to happen sooner or later.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan 10 is a, dare I say, melancholy affair.

It deals with the aftermath of the car accident, which turns out to be not even serious enough to take Yuki to the hospital, in spite of Asakura’s pleadings.  Instead, Yuki’s personality is transformed into the “original,” laconic, monotone Yuki we knew long ago.  For us looking for references to the original show it’s almost a breakthrough, but for this current universe the characters live in it’s a problem.  It’s also a problem for us because a monotone Yuki isn’t as much fun when she doesn’t have the power to change reality, change game programs on the fly, instantly learn the guitar, etc.

Like in the old days.
Like in the old days.

So we get an episode where Asakura repeatedly checks on Yuki, asking if she’s all right, and getting the same “I’m fine,” in return.  Then Yuki is handed over to Kyon, and the situation is repeated, all while pleasant but vaguely unsettling background music plays.  This “new” Yuki doesn’t play games, but instead reads, but she doesn’t read Dan Simmons but old French mysteries.  I’ trying to figure out if that’s random or supposed to mean something.  But we finally get a break at the end when Asakura decides, daijoubus aside, something is not right with Yuki.  By the way, next week the episode title is in fact the series title, if you were wondering what the disappearance in this story referred to.  Maybe it should be called the “reappearance.”  … Nah.

3 thoughts on “Mikagura and Pleiades 9, Yuki-chan 10

  1. ah… so it was the original personality, lol I’m figuring out something’s wrong but since I haven’t watch the original I missed the reference. Watching this episode somehow made me felt gloomy…….

    1. The episode is indeed gloomy. All that rain.

      Also, Yuki behaving like in the original series without her original characteristics (I’m trying not to give you spoilers) isn’t nearly as much fun.

      BTW I appreciate hearing from someone who hasn’t seen the original series and so is watching this at face value!

  2. Yeah I will probably need adaptation if I watch the original series now. The ironic thing is, I’m actually on the generation where original Haruhi should be popular with, I know it but I can’t watch it since back then it’s very hard to get anime in my country. It seems at the time I can see freely it just sit there in the furthest backlog, ahaha!

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