Show by Rock and Euphonium 10, Nasuno desu 9-10

In Show by Rock! 10, we learn that Chuchu has high ambitions, that she planned to use Plasmagica as a stepping stone on the way to being a star.
As we saw last week, Cyan has innocently begun to steal her limelight, and now she’s thinking of quitting.  Dagger knows what’s up and immediately invites her to his offices, where he brainwashes her into thinking that she planned to use Plasmagica as a stepping stone, etc.  Her eyes glowing red in that brainwashed way she goes back and tells the girls that she’s quitting, she had planned to use Plasmagica as a stepping stone, etc, but is snapped out of it when Cyan starts playing a song Chuchu wrote.  Free of the brainwashing, Chuchu says she planned to use Plasmagica, etc etc, but will stay with them anyway.  Oh, we also learn that the Grateful King is that shadowy kid, he’s trapped by Dagger, and he’s also the voice of Mr. Berry.

Sounds dumb, and some people might be disappointed that they didn’t carry Chuchu’s betrayal out farther, extend it to a couple of episodes, but I don’t think this show wants to get that heavy on us.  Besides, Chuchu’s de-brainwashing is a lovely little moment.  At one point, when the other girls play one of her songs, it turns to a major key while Mao and Retoree chant “Chuchu!”  At that moment the show briefly changed into a musical from just another show that has music in it.  A second or two, Chuchu is playing with them, frantically strumming, eyes closed, like she’s trying to drive something out of her (and the key is back to minor).  Yes, very silly, but it reminds me that the silly anime shows can have great moments if you’re patient with them.

Also, it allowed Retoree to say the following:

Hibike! Euphonium 10, not surprisingly, has to do with the fallout from the auditions.

Devoted to Kaori to the point of idiocy.
Devoted to Kaori to the point of idiocy.

We all know how disappointed Kaori was by the result, but she had accepted it and was continuing to practice hard.  The dissent comes from Yuko, the long-haired girl we’ve often seen but not heard much of.  In spite of Kaori’s entreaties, she accuses Taki of favoritism.  He and Reina were acquainted before, you see.  This puts everyone in a blue funk and many of the students start to mutter, until Taki decides to hold a second audition for whoever’s interested.

I smell trouble.
I smell trouble.

Not sure I would have handled it that way, but I suppose something needed to be done.  But these kids ought to learn that there’s always going to be ridiculous rumors floating about in any place where people gather, be it a high school concert band or any modern company, and that 9/10ths of them are bullshit.  Also, putting the solo trumpets in competition where the winner is by a show of hands is begging for another type of favoritism.  Kaori is popular, Reina is not.  It’ll make for interesting viewing, but I think it’s less fair than the audition they already had.

Takamiya Nasuno Desu! 9 is still in a slump (or is that Teekyuu?) with a SPG of 3.6.  In the episode Nasuno gets kidnapped a lot and really ought to be dead each time, but you know Nasuno, or you don’t.  The kidnappers have the best lines.  Episode 10, with its school festival and lots of dorayaki, is hardly better with a 3.46 SPG, but at least she wasn’t getting kidnapped all the time.

2 thoughts on “Show by Rock and Euphonium 10, Nasuno desu 9-10

  1. Euphonium: My guess is that the vote can be fair if the voters cannot see who is playing. There are a number of ways they could do that, and I’m interested to see if that’s the route the story goes.

  2. I hadn’t thought of that, and I know that some professional orchestras hold auditions that way. I hope that’s what Taki does; the show doesn’t need any unnecessary drama.

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