Mikagura and Pleiades 10, Yuki-chan 11

Otone's scary look.
Otone’s scary look.

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku 10 brings the Otone/Seisa rivalry to a head, and at the same we start seeing glowing things.  About the latter, it looked like the ghost tracking story was just a flimsy plot thing to goof around with while Otone and Seisa squared off, but apparently there is something going on because we see it, Usamaru sees it, and later Bimi, and we haven’t seen the latter since.  I’m betting it’s all to do with Bimi’s transformation equipment acting up.  As for the Otone/Seisa fight, I think I understand Otone’s reasoning.  She can’t get into Eruna’s heart because Seisa is already there; what’s more, Seisa doesn’t seem to care.  How fighting Seisa is going to change any of this I don’t know, unless Otone just can’t control her frustration.  As for Seisa, why the hell isn’t she at least defending herself?  Maybe she can’t?  Anyway, I bet that in next week’s first scene Otone will get very angry, give a big speech, and run off in tears.

As for Houkago no Pleiades, it’s hard to get emotionally moved when I can’t figure out what the hell is going on.

The show introduces an important new character two episodes before the end.
The show introduces an important new character two episodes before the end.

Those fragments either restore Minato’s memories or remove the good ones, either way, he rushes off with them to await the twelth star, and our girls can’t all go and chase him because their powers have been weakened, so they jury-rig their brooms and Suburu goes off alone.  Meanwhile, we’re treated to Minato’s lengthy flashback to the hospital, where ANOTHER alien shows up, befriends him, and they’re soon off collecting fragments of unused potential, or something like that.  That’s around the time Suburu wanders into Minato’s hospital room.  But then he learns he’s actually in intensive care, and he decides to get fragments (the new kid’s or the alien overlord’s?  Or is it the same?) to leave this world, world being a relative term here, along with the unused potential, since he feels akin to them.  Correct me if I’m wrong … no, don’t.

Also spikes through the chest.
Or it’s that spike through your chest.

The weird thing, well, one of many, is that Suburu had met him before, she remembers it, so she’s not a fantasy or a hallucination, and neither was the hospital room scene, even though the illusion of a healthy Minato started when he met the alien, before that.  And the show doesn’t explain why we have two Minatos, or what happened to IC Minato.  Dead?  Did he become the gardening Minato?  Anyway, Suburu forces the issue by telling him she remembers last week’s traipse around the galaxy, which should make him happy but doesn’t, and then starts un-magicking herself for no reason I can figure out except to force him to rescue her, just to get skewered by the spiked final fragment.  I think it’s supposed to be a moment of great symbolism or at last great emotional power, but, as I said, everything leading up to it was so bewildering it just made me go Hah?  Oh, and what about that alien we met this week?  Whatever happened to him?  Does the show care?
The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan brings us the new Yuki from her own, differing POV.  As usual there are Melancholy overtones here.  I half-believed that we had the original Yuki, in a crisis of her own, somehow stumbling her way into an alternate dimension and inhabiting, er, herself.  Except she has no memories of anything else.  Or maybe it’s because this different Yuki-consciousness talks about being an outsider in Yuki’s body, the way the original Yuki might have felt, being an organic interface.

Kyon checks out the new Yuki.
Kyon checks out the new Yuki.

And very little happens, except that Yuki freely explains her inner confusion to Asakura, and the doctor thinks there’s nothing life-threatening going on.  Still, it’s a calm and restful episode, and very sweet.  The new Yuki wants to be treated as Yuki (who’s to say she’s not?), and Asakura, her best friend, accedes to her wishes.  Naturally, so does Kyon, especially after he discovers that she can explain math a lot better now.  They refuse to be put off by the new Yuki, and because of that she loses some of her fear of the situation.  Watching two of them dote on and worry about Yuki was maybe the best thing in the episode, besides the usual and aforementioned overtones.

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