Sidonia 10, DanMachi 11, Teekyuu 46-47, and BBB 10.5, if that matters

Normally I write up my comments for a show within minutes of watching it, or an hour, but I watched Knights of Sidonia 10 two days ago.  You’d think this would mean a more thoughtful review, but it probably means I’ve forgotten most of it, in spite of the 78 screenshots that are cluttering up my desktop.
First, the episode is a welcome return to the danger and fighting.  Second, they’re doing a couple new things, not least that Izana is having an adventure of her own, well, with that other guy.  Izana’s hasn’t had a hell of a lot to do in the series apart from going into battle and not being the focus, except when she was injured and Tsumugi rescued her, or being a ticketholder in the Nagate harem sweepstakes. But now she’s fallen into the atmosphere of that planet and has had to use her brains to get herself out of danger from the gauna by jettisoning her fuel cells, estimating that she had enough power to coast down.  And I say it’s about time we got to see Izana use her wits and guile for a change.

Sometimes this episode reminded me of Roger Dean
Sometimes this episode reminded me of Roger Dean …
... and other times of The Road Runner.
… and other times of The Road Runner.

Also, this is the first time we’ve not had a battle in inky space but in a place with an atmosphere.  I frankly wasn’t tired of the space battling and I’m sure we’ll see more, but it was a refreshing change.  That the little floating mountains made me want to put on Yessongs was a bonus for me.  I’m looking forward to watching gardes and gauna duking it out while flying around those rocks.  Or, like Nagate, landing on them.  Ouch.  I don’t care how new his armor was, I don’t see anyone coming out of a fall like that alive.

Oh, damn, she's not dead.
Oh, damn, she’s not dead.

Let’s see, there was also Kobayashi’s cryptic decision not to rescue Izana and that other guy, well, until Norio/Ochiai gave her a reason–to test a new thing.  I wonder if it’s because she has confidence that Izana could survive, or maybe that she was expendable.  I personally think Kobayashi’s getting scarier by the episode.  And finally we have the return of our old friend Benisuzume (with the scariest music the soundtrack has come up with yet) … Damn, I thought they had killed her off last season.  Not only is she a Sidonian nightmare, but we have the odd moment of Tsumugi just racing up to attack her.  Strange behavior if you take into account that Benisuzume could technically be called her mother.  Either Tsumugi doesn’t know the history or her own origins, or she knows them all too well and attacks her in a blind rage.  Hard to tell at this point.  Still, it’s all a good introduction to the next arc, and I can finally say it’s a pleasure to watch this series again.
Kekkai Sensen 10.5 or whatever is a catchup episode, so nothing new.  But, this show being what it is, it was fun to watch anyway.

The horrors of dungeon-crawling.
The horrors of dungeon-crawling.

DanMachi 11’s dungeon crisis is a little disappointing.  It starts out okay, with the rescue team showing off their abilities while the gods and goddesses just stand around … great job, being a god, hun?  Meanwhile Bell struggles with all of his might, dragging his unconscious friends down tunnels, encountering that goliath (who looked like he lived in AttackonTitanland and took a wrong turn) and barely escaping by jumping down a hole into utter darkness.  I was looking forward to a taste of a goliath fight, so I was disappointed in that.  Then level 18 where they’re rescued, Bell picks up a couple more female admirers, and that whole “you just ran off!” business is settled, because the rescue squad shows up too.  And no one in Aiz’s group shows a bit of surprise when the gods show up where they’re forbidden.  Unfortunately, next week it appears we’ll have to deal with some of Welk’s issues.
Teekyuu! 46 has Marimo and the alien girl visiting an electronics store.  The alien girl gets mind-controlled by, er, an alien.  An excellent 3.10 SPG.  Episode 47 isn’t as successful: SPG of 3.6, and there was even a split-second pause!  Show, what’s wrong with you?!?!

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