Pleiades and Nasuno finales, Yuki-chan 13

Houkago no Pleiades ends sweetly, and as expected, it’s confusing .

Well, they've travelled everywhere else ...
Well, they’ve travelled everywhere else …

The girls, reunited, make a last jump to catch the last bit of engine only to find it’s in a black hole!  Well, they’ve done every other cool astronomical thing out there, I guess this is the way to top it.  But they don’t go in.  First Suburu has to convince Minato (who’s already charging in, totally fine with whatever happens) to drop his self-destructive tendencies and help them out, by kissing him, then they use the almost-repaired ship to make a singularity of their own, six of them, actually, to suck the black hole’s contents out.
Then we get some revelations: the Alien Overlord is actually that kid who helped Minato, only he’s lost his memories or something.  Also, he intends to use the black hole to help find potential for all those little rocks.  It’s bye-bye after that and the girls find themselves on Earth at the beginning of potentiality.  They can choose their own potentials, and naturally choose to stay the same.  Then they’re all back in our time, but they’ve lost all their memories of what happened and have to meet again.  Why?  The show doesn’t explain.  Doesn’t matter, they meet up soon enough …
Seems rather cruel to Minato, something he even mentions.  He’s back in IC and Suburu’s forgotten all about him.  Maybe they’re angling for a second season.  I could also point at a number of ridiculous things about the, er, physics of the whole thing (like that tree of potentiality), but they make the point that when physics can’t explain it, it’s magic, a convenient way to pretend to be scientifically accurate until the plot needs pushing or they want to play Claire de Lune again.  Never mind, the goofy tour of the galaxy and beyond was part of the show’s fun and help balance out the more mundane tale of friendship and change they were trying to tell.  Though the idea of taking up and using lost rocks of potential worked well as a plot device and a metaphor.  All in all, a cute show about friendship and change with cosmic overtones.  Let’s see if they do another season and get Minato’s story straightened out …

One more of Suburu, perhaps summing up the series for us.
One more of Suburu, perhaps summing up the series for us.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan 13 is not a finale, but it would have been fine if it had been.  In it, the interim Yuki continues to see fragments of the real Yuki’s past, and there’s that love thing to deal with.  She realizes that, whether she wants to or not, she’s slipping away, and the next time she falls asleep, she’ll be gone and the real Yuki will return.  There’s a sad, fatalistic feeling to the entire episode which intensifies when she decides, before she can slip away completely, to tell Kyon how she feels about him.  It’s a beautiful death scene except Yuki lives, so it spares us the inconvenience of weeping.  Sad to say, nothing against the regular (for this series) Yuki but I rather prefer the interim, laconic, book-reading Yuki.  Maybe it’s because of the source material.  I’ll also miss the quiet mood the past three episodes have had and rather dread seeing Haruhi barge in shouting again.

Bye Nasuno ... Oh wait, you're in the other show too.
Bye Nasuno … Oh wait, you’re in the other show too.

Finally, Takamiya Nasuno Desu! finishes up with a revolving sushi episode and a SPG of 3.1, much better than Teekyuu’s.  But there’s no indication that the show is returning!  Flow my tears …

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