Knights of Sidonia 2 finale

Compared to last week, or last season’s finale, Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine is a little more subdued.

But then, when you open with a killer alien who’s invaded your spacecraft via tentacles and taken on the form of the girl you loved and it killed and absorbed, naked, and about to kiss you, you got a pretty good episode right there.  Especially since, as I said last week, the scene had used up all its rescuers; who was going to get Nagate out of this?  But I was wrong.  Izana gets a tentacle of her own into the power supply and, er, does something, I’m not sure what, something about cutting off a head.  Whatever it was, Benisuzume was not pleased, and it gave Nagate a chance to use his knife again.  Wonder if we’ll see Benisuzume again?

Here comes the cavalry.
Here comes the cavalry.

That was a good moment, though I was certain that Beni had managed to slip something via her tentacles into Nagate’s mouth, leading to a John Hurt in Alien moment, but it didn’t happen.  Well, not yet.  Instead, as sort of a final topper for the show’s excellent battle scenes, we get about 100 gauna descending on Nagate, standing defiantly with his knife in one hand and the unconscious fair maiden Tsumugi in the other–and then the cavalry comes in the form of more gardes and blast the shit out of everything.  At least the show had the decency to somewhat explain its deus ex machina, and to put a cruel spin on it: Nagate and Tsumugi were bait to draw out the enemy.
After that it was just wrapping up, well, the naked girl in Nagate’s cockpit notwithstanding.  We don’t see Tsumugi again, but we can assume she’s okay.  Nagate gets a medal, Lala the bear confronts Kobayashi about using Nagate, Ichiai/Norio are going to do fun things with the bits of Beni that Nagate brought back with him.  And finally, a touching scene where Nagate visits his childhood home to pay respects to his grandfather.  But no mention of a season three.  Well, I hope they make one.  When this show’s not wasting time with harems involving a gender-neutral, a clone or two or six, an alien tentacle, and even a couple regular girs, it’s the best show running.  They didn’t fix the cgi problems but frankly I think overall everything looks better now.  And it maintained its alien look and feel.  Really it felt like what it was, the second season of an excellent series, marred by stuff in the middle, so I have nothing to add that I didn’t say last time, except to ask if or when season three is coming.

One more of Izana, with one of her more common expressions, not that I blame her ...
One more of Izana, with one of her more common expressions, not that I blame her …

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