Catching up: Yuki-chan and Teekyuu

After two weeks of watching new shows and meeting unfamiliar characters it’s a relief to get back to shows I’m familiar with and characters I know and like.

Yuki meets Yuki.
Yuki meets Yuki.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan 14 has to tie up the loose ends from Yuki’s trauma, and they start with a nice conversation between the real Yuki and the stand-in, and it’s brought up that the latter developed her own feelings for Kyon, which we’re supposed to imagine are different from the real Yuki’s, though she was being fed memories from the depths of Yuki’s disheveled brain, so who’s to say?  I thought it odd that stand-in Yuki would tell real Yuki that she confessed, but nothing else, but real Yuki’s reaction was cute enough that I didn’t really care.

Back to normal.
Back to normal.

So now the confusion turns to Kyon, confessed to by a stand-in and trying to figure out if it’s also true for the real Yuki.  The upshot being that he doesn’t really know what to say to her now.  Real Yuki, possibly not remembering what stand-in told her, is a little troubled by this but not much.  And then the show shifts gracefully into Haruhi’s memories of Kyon and the John Smith Incident, how happy he had made her, and we begin to wonder if she’s about to make a play for him, even though she had correctly guessed the meaning of Kyon’s confusion and was surprisingly perceptive and supportive.  Haruhi’s hard to figure out sometimes.
Episode 15 plays this out further while the gang do summer activities (the beach, the mountains, lots of watermelon, a test of courage, a reference to the island murder).  Kyon still doesn’t know what to say to Yuki; she’s just happy to spend time with him–nice to see her content and not strung out about it all.  She has the right idea, just let it flow so that at the episode’s they’re holding hands and have forgotten about it.  That’s all the story we get this week; it’s enough.
teekyuu50-1Teekyuu!, THE GREATEST SHOW EVER, kicked off with a two-parter about a visit to Cambodia.  Episode 49, all about getting there, had a SPG of 3.1, an excellent start, and then they top it with their tour of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom (who’s he?), and a near-record SPG of 2.81!  The show hasn’t missed a step!  Well, it’s not like they took a break or anything …

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