Gate 3-4

Gate 3 continues to throw a lot of stuff at us and make it interesting.

The battle looked pretty good, too.
The battle looked pretty good, too.

Having recovered the elf girl the team goes back and finds Coda plans to relocate the hell out of there until the fire-breathing dragon goes away.  How they’ll know is anybody’s guess, but it’s actually not important.  So far the series has been good at giving us just what we need to know.  Again we’re mostly seeing it from Youji’s point of view, and he’s turning into a solid center for us as we explore.  Okay, the world they’re in is full of fantasy cliches and modern fetish symbols, at least they’re keeping up the dark part as well.  There will be rooters and marauders during wartime, and see them this episode, well, until one of the cliches shows up.

Rory has a lot of fun this episode.
Rory has a lot of fun this episode.

When we do leave Youji it’s to meet the fetish girls.  Lelei is some kind of magician, of the laconic, blue-haired persuasion, with a old, pervy master.  She’s not terribly fun yet.  The elf-girl they rescued doesn’t get to do much either this episode.  But Rory, a death god gothic lolita, shows what she’s made of when she massacres some bad guys, helps drive off the dragon, and disconcerts Youji by sitting on his lap.  The elf’s story might be interesting, since the mayor of Coda said they can’t take in elves and we have to wonder why, but there’s no beating a goth loli who kicks ass and flirts, especially when she’s apparently some kind of deity.  Well, they’ve sold me.  I’ll watch the next episode and see if I can learn some more, unlike you who have already seen it.

Lelei discovers daikon.
Lelei discovers daikon.

Okay, episode 4 settles down and shows us life inside the SDF compound where the refugees, including the three fetish girls.  A lot of scenes where they gape at the giant steam shovels and canned rations, and enjoy the hot baths.  We learn a little more about them.  Chuka is not only an elf, but a special one, something that will play out later.  She also has the delusion that her father’s still alive, or she knows something we don’t.  Lelei is the most curious of the group, and Rory isn’t given much to do.  But we also get problems in the real world, as nations begin little strategies to somehow seize the gate for themselves, and Japan itself is VERY interested in the resources there.  And there’s some unpleasant political goings-on in the fantasy world, too.  This isn’t going to end well for anybody, I don’t think.

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