4-5s, Charlotte, Rokka, Shimoneta, and Teekyu 52-3

I think I might be in a permanent catchup mode.  Sorry about that.


Charlotte 4 is a throwaway episode, I hope.  The gang go and stop a pitcher from a nearby high school team to stop using telekinesis on his pitches.  Though I was briefly misled by the idea that the catcher was actually the one using the power in order to catch the crazy fake-knuckler, but no, he’s just a really good catcher.  The usual baseball story antics otherwise.  They did spend some time introducing Yusa to the school, to the delight of the male classmates.  Let’s move on.
It looks like whatever big story arc Charlotte is building, the show is content to let it peek around the edges of a “power of the week” series.  This time it was a guy who could fly, so the gang camps out in the mountains to catch him, which they do, ho hum.  What gets me is that everyone is willing to stay for the stakeout, even Yusa, who surely has idol obligations to attend to.  Maybe she thought it would be a break for her.   Bits of unreality like that don’t help me trust the show, I’m afraid (I know, the story is based on kids with superpowers, but I think you know what I mean).  In fact, what the hell is Yusa even doing in the student council?  As for the bigger bits peeking out, it starts early with girls bullying Nao, which Yuu watches but doesn’t interfere with.  Maybe Nao wanted the mountain stakeout to be a break for HER, too.  There’s that band that Nao likes and the effect it seems to have on people, or maybe I’m reading too much into that, though it triggers interesting memories for Yuu.  Then there’s Ayumi’s cold, which, this being the type of show I think it is, will lead to dire things later.  But apparently none of these things are developed enough to make a story out of them, yet.  I hope they get on it soon.

One, two, three, four, five, six ... oh shit.
One, two, three, four, five, six … oh shit.

The only problem with Rokka no Yuusha 4 is that we already know what the big surprise is.  Otherwise it was a decent episode.  They had to get everyone used to having Flamie, the Brave Killer, on their side, and to have Flamie stop pointing guns at everybody.  Well, they’re pointing weapons at her, too, so I guess that’s to be expected.  Her reasoning doesn’t make much sense to me.  She wants the demon king to rise so she can kill him, but what good is killing potential braves?  He’s going to rise anyway.  Unless she wants a weak team so she can defeat it herself.  Well, just about everyone in the show has a mystery or two.  As for the extra brave, I say they make it a moot point and kill off the smiling guy.
No, scratch that.  I’m getting to like Hans.  I like the way he taps and scratches his head when he’s thinking something out.  I just wish he would drop the cat-talk.  Anyway, episode 5 is mostly talk.  They can’t get through the barrier, so, in order to figure out who the impostor is, they all tell their stories, they lived in one mystical-sounding place, they were at some other mystical place when they became braves, etc.  Flamie’s story is the most interesting, which is no surprise.
For us at home there was no way we could figure out who the fake brave is because we don’t know enough about how that world works.  But in the end they mostly decide that it’s Adlet, because he got there first and shouldn’t have been able to.  As for me, I was suspicious of how the door opened last episode.  There was no real damage from the bomb, but they opened anyway.  Like it’s a setup.  Or maybe the people in that world know less about how this magic stuff works than they think.  Nah, since next week’s episode is called “Trap, and a Rout,” I think we have our answer.  Hopefully they won’t kill off Adlet before they figure it out.

Guess what Anna's thinking about.
Guess what Anna’s thinking about.

Shimoneta 4 is the weirdest one I’ve seen yet, and I don’t know what to say about it.  The big scene, of course, is Anna showing up at Okuma’s place where she starts to ravish him, rather to the shock of Okuma, Otome (who is hiding in the closet) and Ayame, who walks in.  I sort of suspected that Anna was the stalker earlier, but for her to transform into a lust-monster just like that was completely unexpected.  Even more so is that her comments the next day that further repression of filthy thoughts will lead to true love, or something like that.  Okay, she’s a little crazy.  As for the rest, the episode, like the others, manages to make the lewd scene funny as well as lecherous, something I wish other ecchi shows would emulate.

Guess what's in the cookie.
Guess what’s in the cookie.

Then I watched the best episode yet.  Basically Sophia, Anna’s mother, is pushing through a bill that would require chastity belts on everyone, and they’re coercing the kids across the country to sign a petition for it.  Meanwhile, there’s a treasure of undiscovered porn in Yatsuga Forest, which falls into public hands on the same day as the petition signing, thoroughly ruining Ayame’s plan to have sex-starved kids overrun it, thanks to the porn pictures and maps that Okuma should have planted in the school, but couldn’t because Anna is chasing him around to get him to share her “love nectar.”  Yeah, I guess you could say the story is in full swing.
And again we see that all the dirty jokes and the rather disgusting behavior by Anna work in the service of comedy, not to mention the story.  Fuwa starts the funness running by starting her own insurrection (I KNEW SOX should have recruited her before).  It comes out of nowhere and is done very well, Fuwa with her expressionless face being pushed along in a wheelbarrow by an army of horny boys and girls …  Then there’s Okuma’s decision to join SOX as a full member, so that Ayame won’t be caught–lewdness and blackmail be damned, she’s become a friend.  It’s all so much that I thought maybe this was a short-season show and this was the grand finale.  Happily, there is more to go.
Teekyuu! 52 has Yuri rescuing a cat, with all the dangers that come with that, and scores a SPG of 3.3.  They continue their slide with a 3.9SPG in episode 53, where they make takoyaki.  Both Shimoneta and Teekyuu this week have foods that are vaguely disgusting.

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