Jitsu 4-5, Classroom Crisis and Gate 5

In Jitsu wa Watashi wa 4 we see that the show really doesn’t have much more of a story to tell us.  There’s only the secret, and however many more hidden monsters they’re going throw at us.  This week it seems to be the principal, but really don’t get to meet her, just her horns and a grin.  So the show will live and die based on its sketches and gags.  While there was some fun to be had with little Aizawa pretending to be a figurine, it went on too long.  In fact, they stretched the whole situation into a full episode when half the time would have sufficed.  Also, they’ve completely forgotten Asahi’s inability to hide a secret.
Well, episode 5 presents a new wrinkle, so maybe there IS a story arc.  Apparently Youko has a childhood wolfman friend who’s grown up to be a thug, and is dispatched to see if Youko is keeping her secret.  He’s going to be of two minds about this; he’s either going to be loyal to Youko’s dad, or he’s going to give her secret away himself because he’ll “get” Youko if it comes out.  But this all happens at the very end of the episode.  Before that we watch filler-episode routines about Youko and the sun, then visiting an amusement park with Asahi.

Not much story this week.
Not much story this week.

Classroom crisis‘s latest crisis is over, so it’s time for a graduation trip episode with little bits of backstory tucked in the gaps.  The big revelation this week is that Iris lost her memory ten years ago and only Mizuki and Kaito(?) know about it, well, now Nagisa does.  To add a little story to the episode, Nagisa needs to finish a project by midnight and his computers keep getting broken in comical ways.  Oh, and the show is working on softening him up a little, or at least making him a little more sympathetic.  Otherwise it was beach volleyball, splashy-splashy, swimsuits, followed by a traditional inn meal, then to the baths, and the inevitable peeping.  They missed out on the ghost story and pillowfight though.
The thing that gets me about Gate 5 is this: why did that asshole emperor take Pina, a bastard daughter, and raise her as more-or-less legit?  Maybe she wasn’t in line for the throne (they haven’t told us much about that area), but she can have an audience with him whenever she wants and was given a new military unit for her to lead.  He could have just abandoned or killed her.  Either there’s a story there they aren’t telling us or the show has had a lapse in judgement.  Even if he did send her out to recon figuring she’d get killed, it doesn’t explain everything he did up to then.
That aside, what we’re watching is her first experience in leading a battle.  Naturally it doesn’t go well and at the end of the episode she’s frozen up, seemingly forgetting that those green-uniform soldiers are waiting for her orders, and so is Rory, even if they had been set up to be a suicide unit.  Alas, none of them get to do anything but wait for those orders (soldiers, don’t you know), though the previews suggest more action next week.  Nothing much more to say, except the nice chat Rory and Youji have about his goals for participating in this mission.

3 thoughts on “Jitsu 4-5, Classroom Crisis and Gate 5

  1. Re: Jitsu Wa. I hate being someone who says “but if you read the manga…”, but the anime really is disappointing comparatively. The core romance is well-written, but the comedy goes on a bit, and there really isn’t much of a point to it. I’ll probably finish out the series myself…there are some good bits coming up.

  2. Good to hear there’s something good coming up. Right now I have to remind myself that this series exists. There’s nothing much notable about it.

    1. You’re right; there isn’t very much to the anime. And I’m a bit worried that the series may skip over some of the cuter bits in order to cram in all of the story. I was re-reading the manga yesterday and realized that the series has probably skipped an early incident between Asahi and Youko that established the two of them as being very similar in personality. It’s actually a strength of the manga that the two characters actually have some real chemistry that comes through in the writing.

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