Seiyuu and Biyori Repeat 5

Sore ga Seiyuu! 5 likes to drag the girls through big ups and downs, and since we start at down (Ichigo loses her part-time job and has her power and gas cut off) you know things will go up for her soon, and it does, with a new role in a popular game sequel, involving a huge script and a massive event at a 2500-seat hall that’s sold out.  Naturally the joy turns to terror.  Which is fine with me.  Ichigo’s panic state is on par with Futaba’s, but when she’s confident she’s kind of obnoxious.  On the other hand, I don’t know if I want to see another episode of one of the girls screwing up.  But the show then gives us a major distraction from that.
I remember some of the Horie bits from the online comic and they repeat them here.  In spite of her onstage sparkliness she’s really a bit of a schlub, and she has a habit of stuffing everything into a big bag so that the food gets smushed.  Ichigo goes from being intimidated to charmed by the more down-to-earth version of one of the profession’s biggest names, and like all the star cameos in this series, she’s kind and friendly to the newbie Ichigo.  That doesn’t stop Ichigo from messing up a bit, but the episode happily doesn’t show most of it.  Still, I can’t wait for when the next Big Thing for the girls happens; maybe they’ll be more confident then.  At least their debut single (next week) happens in a studio and not live.

Non Non Biyori: Repeat 5 gives us plenty of beautiful scenery, but not much else, well, there’s a okonomiyaki tutorial, but I don’t care for the stuff, so it was wasted on me.  The clean-the-pool hijinks were nothing special apart from Renge discovering the miracle of water pressure.  As for the curse, well, Komari looked like she was fine getting wet by the end.  The slowest parts were watching Hotaru being bored waiting at home.  When will shows learn that watching a character being bored is itself boring?  At least she got out in the end and enjoyed some of that beautiful scenery, and we got to tag along.  Really, they could show more of the girls enjoying the countryside and not doing much of anything.  THAT, in this show, is not boring.

2 thoughts on “Seiyuu and Biyori Repeat 5

  1. “On the other hand, I don’t know if I want to see another episode of one of the girls screwing up.”

    Indeed… So far SgS has been mostly driven by the girls insecurities, and that’s starting to grow a trifle old.

  2. I started to follow the online comic after the girls’ early insecure moments. So what I saw was the girls accustomed to the work routine, and the humor came from the day-to-day problems. I hope the show gets to that point.

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