Gate and Laplace 6

Gate 6 works in two halves, the massacre, er, battle, and the aftermath.

What happens is pretty much expected even if you haven’t seen the previews.  The SDF sends in helicopters, complete with missiles, guns, and Wagner music.  And Rory gets to have some fun.  But Rory hasn’t hit her peak yet, so to speak, and the helicopters are still a ways away.  And Pina is in shock and unable to issue single command, not even call Jouji and the other greenies from that distant wall.  Will they get there before the brigands are completely victorious?  Yes.  And it’s hard to say whether the following scenes are fun or scary.
True, there are some entertaining moments.  Rory in action is great fun to watch, and when Shino goes a bit beserk and joins her we get a odd view: two women, accustomed to combat and death, fighting together.  It almost makes me sad that the helicopters show up and blast all the bad guys to bits after that.  But during the scene they bring up an important point.  Pina sees the helicopters and sees that her empire wouldn’t stand a chance against them, and the brigand boss suggests to Rory (while she’s killing him) that this isn’t war anymore.  Not that we care about the latter; besides, this is exactly what war is: slaughter.
After the “fun” is over we turn to the aftermath.  Italica and Pina are shocked that the victorious forces want so little, Jouji gets slugged by Rory, and that’s before he chooses three girls for something.  More interesting is what happens on the way back, when the trucks are stopped by the Rose brigade and Jouji’s taken prisoner.  This is the first time in the series we’ve seen an SDF person on the weaker side of things.  What will Pina do with this new opportunity?

He looks so happy about it!
He looks so happy about it!

After last week’s distasteful episode of Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace, episode 6 pulls back and gives us a silly filler episode.  Akechi gets visitors.  First Kobayashi with a kitten, then Shadow-man with a bomb strapped on his chest, then an abandoned baby, and then terrorists or something downstairs.  It works well.  Kobayashi’s happy nihlism matches up nicely with Akechi’s world-weariness when they banter anyway, and Shadow-Man’s request that they help him is more of an annoyance to Akechi and a fun challenge to Kobayashi.  Hashiba’s there too, to do his straight-man duties.

So they nonchalantly discuss ways to get past the terrorists (all of which leave SM dead) and we learn that Akechi is terrified of cats (so this one naturally loves him at first sight), hates babies (so he says, but his actions suggest otherwise), until the timer runs out.  The only disappointment is that they didn’t work in the terrorists.  They just remain downstairs shouting threats at people.  I mean, you had terrorists and a bomb … lazy thinking, guys.

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