Rokka, CC, and Shimoneta 6

I'm in favor!
Chamot is so adorable.

Rokka no Yuusha 6 doesn’t really go anywhere.  Adlet and the others are still trapped there, and they’ve all pretty much decided that he’s the fake brave, and so must be evil.  Only the princess disagrees but no one much listens to her anyway.  We spend a few minutes watching Adlet invent possible scenarios that will get him off the hook (“They tunneled in, and then they tunneled out again right when I got there, sealing the stones and filling in the tunnel underneath!  Yeah, that’s the ticket!”).  Then he escapes with Flamie as a hostage, which isn’t going to improve his status. But after that we get hints of a backstory, but not enough.  At least we discover WHY Adlet calls himself the strongest in the world, and it’s a good enough reason.  Also, it’s clear that Flamie is warming up to him, in spite of his drugging her and using her as a hostage and all that.

Nyah nyah!
Nyah nyah!

Classroom Crisis 6 feels like more filler apart from the sleazy backstory we get from Nagisa.  But it has an entertaining start.  Nagisa tells Kaito that the only way to get out of their financial crisis is to innovate–which might be true, but it’s also what rich people say when they don’t want poor people to have extra money.  But Kaito turns the tables by forcing Nagisa to pass exams that advanced college students might have trouble with, so he’s reminded that these worthless kids are just as smart or smarter than he is.  Apart from the last bit we’ve seen all this before.  As for the backstory, well, it explains why one of the company’s founding families hates the other one, or certain family members do, anyway.  Not sure I like this.  I was quite enjoying the more universal battle between greedy corporations and their employees.  To put a scandal into it wasn’t really necessary.
While the preview suggested darker times in Shimoneta, what we got instead is a filler episode where Kajou decides to make, er, stimulating toys, sort of the next step for the horny students.  As you can imagine, a lot is bleeped out this week.  The main story shifts to Anna, as she takes one of the little vibrators Fuwa made and makes a pendant out of it.  You can imagine the rest, or maybe you can’t.  Through it all I feel a little bad for Okuma for wanting to preserve his chastity when not only Anna but Fuwa come on to him.  And it was fun to see Kajo a little prudish for once.  Another fun episode, and as for the toys, the show helpfully provides recipes and directions!  Good to see that the staff of this show is dedicated to our happiness and well-being.

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