Charlotte, Seiyuu, Jitsu wa and Biyori 6, Teekyuu 54

Hey, guess what?  You have super powers!
Hey, guess what? You have super powers!

Oh, jeez, I hope Charlotte isn’t going to turn into one big tragedy after another.  We don’t know what happened to Ayumi at the end, all we see is some blood on the ruins and the longhair standing over it.  Maybe it’s not Ayumi’s blood, or it is but she’s not dead.  But the ED’s black background suggests otherwise.  If she IS dead it’s a cheap shot.  They spent most of the episode showing her being cute and having Yuu and the others dote on her, all to set her up for a pointless death.  If she’s alive, well, good for her and well trolled, show.  … And don’t get me started on that girl with the box cutter …

Kugimiya Rie, ladies and gentlemen.
Kugimiya Rie, ladies and gentlemen.

So I figured Sore ga Seiyuu! would cheer me up a little, and it does for a while.  Rie Kugimiya is the guest cameo, and like the other stars the show depicts her as kind and helpful to the newbie.  I wonder if the show is ever going to have an unpleasant voice actor on.  It’d be cool if it did, and the seiyuu might enjoy playing a villain.  Futaba meets Rie in a flashback to a drama CD recording the show conveniently never told us about.  But the episode decides to go downer on us when Rin gets Futaba’s CD role for the anime version, putting both girls in a funk for different reasons.  At least in this show Futaba gets some good advice and support and manages to get over it.  Now on with the delayed debut single … or not.  Next week it’s all about dubbing.
I guess to get a show that doesn’t really have a downside I have to turn to Jitsu wa Watashi wa, where I was a little worried that the threatening werewolf guy would tilt the balance toward a darker atmosphere.  I needn’t have worried.  The fearsome wolf man enters a fantasy romcom and, after a minute of being threatening, chases a stick.  After that it becomes, like most everything else in the series, pointless and silly.  He threatens to drag Youko back if she’s revealed her secret, but he does more blabbing about the secret than anyone else in the conversation.  The shouting match between Shirou and Asahi was enjoyable, even if I didn’t know what they were talking about … and it went on too long.  Maybe to make it up to us, the werewolf returns to human form–a lecherous young woman who comes on to Asahi and pissed off Youko.  Neither side of the character is terribly entertaining, though, at least for me.

Renge has just said something odd again.
Renge has just said something odd again.

I wonder if Non Non Biyori: Repeat is more consistent than the first season or I’m just getting used to it.  In the first part Natsumi tries to make conversation with Hotarou.  Normally these scenes tend to bore me, and Natsumi gets on my nerves anyway.  But this time, tall, mature Hotarou gets to act like the fifth-grader she actually is and fangirl over the “Pretty Cute” anime series.  Then the gecko shows up and for a while Natsumi gets to show that she’s knowledgeable about certain things.  We had a hint of that two episodes ago when she restored Flatty-san.  Good to see them follow up.  The last bit is the episode’s official “gaze in wonder at rural beauty” scene, where playing with fireworks gets canceled so they look at fireflies instead.  It’s lovely, but too dark to see anything.]
Finally, in Teekyuu! 54, that newspaper girl interviews Tomarin the alien and abuses her a lot.  Then more aliens come.  The regular girls have the week off.  A solid 3.1 SPG performance after a couple of disappointing episodes.

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