CC, Rokka and Shimoneta 7, Teekyuu 55

I’m starting to get things mixed up in Classroom Crisis.  Or I’m not paying enough attention.  First, A-TEC feeds Angelina and Iris the information they need to sneak into the hijacked spacecraft’s cockpit and gives them a flight plan.  The stupid pilot interferes, Iris has a traumatic flashback and faints, no one is operating the ship and it’s about to crash into the Death Star when they’re guided away by a rescue ship sent by … who?  It looks at first like Yuji’s doing, but it’s not.  And while I’m thinking it might be the hijackers again, the next thing we see is Dr. Li, former hostage, being welcomed by Yuji and Nagisa’s brother–the big boss, much to Yuki’s displeasure.
And what was the deal with Yuji wanting to leave Li for dead?  Well, a lot of questions, but it was nice to see Yuji squirm for once, thanks to an older sibling.  As for the battle on the plane, it was ridiculous, Angelina flipping around and flipping thugs as well.  But we did get more background on Iris’s mysterious past, though no real answers.  But it makes me worry about Iris.  If she’s going to go into immobilizing flashbacks when the ship is in a crisis, it makes you wonder just how good a test pilot she can be.

Well, what would YOU say if Flamie told you her story?
Well, what would YOU say if Flamie told you her story?

Rokka no Yuusha is spending so much time with trying to figure out who the fake brave is that they’ll never get around to fighting the fiends at this rate.  Well, I suppose it was necessary to continue the Flamie/Adlet discussion and learn more about why they’re both in this.  Adlet suggests that they have pretty much the same story, though I’ll add that Flamie’s is a much more twisted version.  They both were betrayed by people they love and trusted and lost their home.  What makes them different is that Adlet says he became strong not to lose anyone again, while Flamie is acting out of revenge, which Adlet says never makes anyone strong.  So that’s settled, then.

I think she's the one.  Unless it's one of the others.
I think she’s the one. Unless it’s one of the others.

Meanwhile, it’s hard now to watch any of the characters and not analyze their smallest comments and reactions.  Through the subsequent scenes I suspected about every one of them, apart from maybe Maura and Chamot.  Nachetanya seems to be trying to con Goldov, and I’m not sure what he thinks.  Hans is easy to suspect, but I don’t think it’s him (I’m also curious about what he’ll do now that he’s in a position to kill Adlet), but if it is him maybe we’ll stop hearing that annoying laugh.  Meanwhile, I wonder why they haven’t thought that the fake brave might still be on their side …  Anyway, another episode of mostly talk apart from a nice one-on-one between Adlet and Hans.
After last week’s satisfying and instructive filler episode, Shimoneta 7 brings us a new story arc, maybe two.  The first is another ero-terrorist group, named Gathered Fabric, who claims to have joined SOX but are doing things on their own, and they’re more extreme.  I don’t know if SOX would ever stoop to stealing underwear, especially when the people are wearing them.  Anyway, Kajou is not pleased.  Then there’s Kosuri, a the daughter of a that compromising terrorist who has the same mindset as Gathered Fabric and manages to worm her way into SOX, though Kajou isn’t pleased with that, either.  When not working on plot there’s an amusing side story of a Okura/Gouiki BL comic, now at volume ten.  This is the only show I can think of besides Genshiken where the characters ship each other.
Teekyuu! 55 has the girls gaining revenge on a telephone pole, until even Kanae agrees that it’s stupid.  SPG 3.00, excellent work again.

2 thoughts on “CC, Rokka and Shimoneta 7, Teekyuu 55

  1. >This is the only show I can think of besides Genshiken where the characters ship each other.

    There must be plenty more… I thought of Jitsu wa Watashi wa and Toradora right away.

  2. I don’t recall characters shipping other characters in either of those series!

    But here’s one more: Gekkan shoujo Nozaki-kun, but since he’s a professional manga-ka, I wonder it it counts.

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