Seiyuu and Biyori:R 8, Teekyuu 56

After an episode where the girls all do pretty well, it’s back to anxiety and screwing up in Sore ga Seiyuu! 8.  And she gets to screw up in two different venues, too!  In the first half we see the girls prepare and perform their first live show at a not-so-packed free event at some store in Akihabara.  I guess it’s not really screwing up.  Futaba’s just wooden and awkward on stage, though she does the singing and choreography just fine.  Then there’s the no fun of finding out that Ichigo and Rin have a bigger following than she does.  But as usual for this show, they offer the poor seiyuu newbies a little bright moment in the middle of the depression, as Futaba meets a fan who travelled a long way just to see her.

Er, Futaba ...
Er, Futaba …

In part two Futaba gets to screw up some TV narration.  Again a situation where the seiyuu’s never done it and gets nervous, screws up, gets some reassurance from the celebrity cameo (Yuuji Machi), and get a little better.  Nothing we haven’t seen before.  But Gonzo has some fun by showing their headquarters to be enormous and shiny.
Non Non Biyori: Repeat 8 has three little stories in it, one about woodworking in class.  Hotaru and Komari’s project is cute and practical, Suguru’s shows some hidden talent, and Natsumi and Renge demonstrate, in wood form, both the practicality and weirdness that makes Renge great.  Then there’s a flashback Renge visiting the school as a toddler and causing all kinds of mayhem, which would have been annoying except that it’s Renge we’re talking about.  If you haven’t noticed, I’m quite the Renge fan.  The third part has no Renge but it’s a sweet and somewhat pointless trip down memory lane for Komari via an old plushie, but being in middle school I don’t think she should be doing the memory lane thing yet.
Teekyuu 56 has a SPG hovering around 3.00, still pretty good, but it could have been better if they hadn’t told us a couple of their lengthier jokes.  Story-wise, they scout a rival school’s tennis team and discover them to be only slightly less weird than they are.  But a crisis at the end when they’re trapped in crowd-scene mode.

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